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Best DJ App for Mac 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Almost every DJ software brand makes its app versions available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. So, finding the best DJ software shouldn’t be a problem. But with so many options on the market, navigating this space can be challenging. 

That’s why, in this article, I’ll give you a list of the best software that you can install on your Mac. I’ll highlight their pros and cons so you can choose the one you like most.

I gave my best in describing all DJ software clearly and I hope that it will be helpful to you when searching for the best Mac DJ software. Below you will find descriptions covering various features such as audio effects, cue points, video effects, loops, and so on.

Please note that the best DJ software I will be describing in this article is suited for Mac computers. Even though in most cases they work on Windows as well, that is not necessarily the case!

Top 10 DJ Software For Mac

Innovative Standalone App: Neural Mix

Neural Mix is a free standalone app created by Algoriddim, the maker of Djay Pro AI, a software which I’ve also included in this list. You can install it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To install the application and have it run smoothly, you will need a macOS 10.14 Mojave operating system or above.

Neural Mix Pro is an application suitable for DJs, producers, or musicians. It’s quite easy to use and offers features that could change DJing forever!

One of its most appealing features is the music source separation, which literally allows you to extract and export any instruments, vocals, or beats, in real-time. The application has a wonderful user interface where the items you want to extract are clearly represented as waveforms that you can easily manipulate.

You can take off the drums and keep the vocals, or you can take them down and leave the beat – your choice. The cool thing is that you can record and export these instrumentals, acapella, or loops via a simple click on the “export” button in the upper right corner of your Mac. 

Although Neural Mix is an innovative tool, I’ve heard people question its effectiveness. Some people complain that it doesn’t isolate the vocals or instruments clearly, i.e. you can hear remaining vocals in your “isolated” instrumental or vice versa.

I’d say Neural Mix is good if you’re a Mac user since the company focuses more on Mac and iOS users. Also, it’s very good for producers because the isolation feature will allow you to take on and off whichever sample, loop, or instrument you want.


  • Free for download
  • Made exclusively for Mac
  • Offline export feature
  • Isolate or mute vocals or instruments


  • The isolation feature has its flaws
  • Slightly more suitable for producers

Revolutionary and User Friendly: DJay Pro AI

DJay Pro AI is a unique DJ Software by Algoriddim, offering a very easy-to-use interface, with revolutionary features. It was developed by the same brand that created Neural Mix (check above), so you can integrate it and use the most innovative app on the market.

The app will allow you to isolate and export the vocals, instruments, or beats of any song you like, in real-time. Since it was primarily made for iOS, you install it once and automatically have it on your iPad, iPhone, and every other iOS device.

The Djay Pro software has one of the best interface designs that I’ve ever seen, elegantly portraying two turntables, a mixer, and a microphone input. This was confirmed in 2011, when DJay Pro AI for iPad received the Apple Best Design award!

The Pro AI doesn’t need a fancy award to prove anything – once you try it out you’ll know. I was impressed that you can split any track by vocals, drums, and harmonic waveforms. Everything is so clear and easy to use; I’m sure you’ll love it.

Another great DJay Pro AI feature is the iTunes integration which provides you with the opportunity to take songs directly from your iTunes library and mix them. You can also browse through it and search based on albums, genres, keys, history, or artists. All you have to do next is to drag and drop them into the DJay Pro AI.

The DJ Pro AI has multi-touch technology that makes looping and scratching much easier, and it supports almost all DJ controllers. Just check if your controller is suitable before making a decision.

Although it’s free to download, you’ll still have to pay monthly fees to access the new additions. Also, it will cost you some $50 per year to use all the features.


  • Neural Mix included
  • Live microphone
  • Multi-touch technology
  • Slick design
  • Can split a track into separate waveforms
  • iTunes integration


  • Questionable performance of Neural Mix
  • Monthly fee to access new downloads
  • Annual fee to unlock all features

The Stylish One: Traktor Pro 3

The Traktor Pro 3 DJ software is available for Mac and is one of the best pieces of DJ software on the market. It’s not free, but if you were using the Pro 1-2 until now, you will only have to upgrade it for $49. For new users, it costs $99.

Anyway, it comes at a great price as it offers a lot more features. Also, note that if you’re already using the brand’s DJ controller (S4 MK3 or S2 MK2), the software is included.

The first thing I noticed was the user interface which is even darker than the previous updates. The array is somehow more clear and has a much better look in dark spaces such as nightclubs. They also introduced parallel waveforms that fans have been craving for a long time!

Another big update from the previous Traktor is the new audio engine. The Traktor Pro 3 has an algorithm that does an amazing job preserving the sound quality when you speed up or slow down a track – it’s ridiculous!

Finally, what I love about the Pro 3 are the sound effects that are available thanks to the new Mixer FX. Most of the new audio effects are post fading or equalizing, which means you can use them once you’re done with the channel fader, or simply put, once you’re done mixing the tracks.

My favorite sound effect includes increasing the reverb resonance – a very good effect, especially when performing in front of a crowd. When you calculate the price, looks, and features, I find this DJ mixing software for Mac to be an all-around good choice.


  • Good value for money
  • Clear user interface 
  • A new audio engine that preserves the sound quality when you speed up or slow down the music
  • New sound effects


  • Not suitable for underperforming computers
  • You will be required to pay for every new update

For Turntablism Fans: Serato DJ Pro

This brand doesn’t need a special introduction as it’s already a well-known and proven manufacturer of DJ software, and the famous Serato DJ Pro is also available for Mac. I always recommend this software to people who love turntables and want to manipulate tracks using the decks.

Serato has produced and implemented a special, cool technology into their vinyl records called timecode that allows you to work with any song from your laptop without needing to change the deck. You can mix digital music while using the remix decks in front of you!

At the same time, Serato DJ Pro comprises cool features, such as the built-in key analysis, that will tell you which song from your music library has the key that perfectly matches your ongoing track. A downside of this feature is that Serato does analysis outside of the performance mode. To analyze your tracks, you’ll have to disconnect your hardware and run Serato in offline mode.

This DJ software packs a lot of other features, such as the possibility to select 8 cue points, representing exact parts of a track that you love! This will give you the opportunity to play your favorite parts of a song in mere seconds.

Serato offers a lot of features plus the possibility to mix the classic and traditional DJ setup. It costs $129 for its full potential, which I think is worth it. If you can’t pay the full price upfront, Serato offers a payment plan which will allow you to pay in installments.

Finally, Serato is good for beginners and advanced users, although the Serato Lite might be more suitable for entry-level DJs. If you are just starting out, you will love the Practice Mode this software offers, along with the tutorials!


  • Good for people who use turntables (timecode technology)
  • 8 cue points
  • Built-in key analysis
  • Possibility to pay in installments


  • A bit pricey ($129)
  • Serato can’t analyze tracks in live performance mode

Best For Beginners: Virtual DJ

There is practically no DJ that hasn’t tried the Virtual DJ. It’s a perfect DJ software for beginners, but I honestly think that professionals could use it too. It has all the features that DJing software should have, and it’s free!

I’ve been trying to figure out why professional DJs don’t accept the Virtual DJ, and based on my humble opinion, it’s just because of the looks. VDJ doesn’t seem to bother with its user interface and has hardly changed anything since the very beginning. It has that “old-school” 90’s look, but not in a cool way.

I personally like to stick with the more important stuff – features – and Virtual DJ has a lot to offer. VDJ can do anything any other DJ software can do, without the need to hook up hardware. Virtual DJ offers hot cues, loops, performance pads, and a lot more.

I’m sure it’s safe to say that VDJ is the best plug-and-play DJ software. This means it works with most DJ controllers such as Numark, Rane, etc. All you have to do is to plug your laptop into your mixer or DJ controller and you can mix music right away!

Virtual DJ can instantly separate parts from any track at any time. DJs can adjust the components of their tracks, such as vocals, bass, instruments, and so on, on the spot! This allows you to easily create new mashups, remixes, samples, etc.

Virtual DJ also offers impressive video mixing using a powerful video engine. You can mix high-quality resolutions and use some of the famous features such as transitions, screen-grabbing, or video-crossfade on them.


  • Free
  • Video mixing
  • Plug and play
  • Good for beginners
  • Separate track parts at any moment


  • Outmoded user interface
  • Not for professionals using complicated hardware

Best for Traktor Hardware Users: Mixxx

The Mixxx software has all the features you might need, such as a key detection algorithm to search for songs that would mix well together or the master sync option which allows you to lock your decks in time even when you are slowing down/speeding up a track.

I’d say one of the better features this one has is the crossfader curve and the equalizers, which allow you smooth transitions, as well as the reverse-playback effects which provide excellent short loop maneuvers.

You have four decks in total so you can just drop a track on the deck and mix music. You can keep an eye on the beats and cue points using the waveform which allows you a quick seek in the library.

I’ve got a deep respect for Mixxx and the people behind it since this free open-source DJ software was created by DJs and programmers in their free time – for free! This means that there is no “multi-million corporation” behind it and this software will always be free!

Since this software is developed by enthusiasts, they gladly accept donations via PayPal.

This is a great software for Traktor users, as it offers seamless integration with your Traktor or iTunes library, which you can drop right into your mix. Other features that you will love with this software are the possibility to record your mixes, as well as the chance to play digital vinyl thanks to the timecoded vinyl feature.


  • Made by enthusiasts
  • Key recognition
  • Free
  • Four decks
  • Open-source
  • Mix recording


  • Library integration works only with Traktor
  • It has vertical waveforms which some people don’t like

For Easy Beat Matching: MixVibes Cross DJ

The MixVibes Cross DJ software comes with all the essential features, a nice interface, and can run on Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac. Another great thing is that it’s free to download. If you want to install this DJ software for Mac, you need at least a MacOS X 10.6 operating system.

I’d say that the most impressive feature the Cross DJ has is the beat matching BPM (Beats Per Minute) detection algorithm, which guarantees you the perfect sync of your mixing songs. Even if there is a song with irregular BPM, you can manually bring it down or up, depending on your needs.

Another smart feature worth mentioning is the music collection, which allows you to retrieve your iTunes library directly into the collection. At the same time, you can import your cues, playlists, and loops from your Traktor, Rekordbox, or VDJ libraries.

The software holds a record of your history, so if you remember a song you discovered yesterday, check it out in your history and put it in the mix. The only thing you have to watch out for are some copyright issues that users have reported.

Mixvibes Cross obviously pay attention to detail, as the three levels of frequency (low, mid, and high) are color-coded in three different colors, so you can differentiate the track structure. Other than that, you have all the possible features such as EQ, crossfader, level meters, or volume faders.


  • Free
  • Great beat matching algorithm
  • Smart music collection
  • Integrate music from iTunes, or other DJ software library
  • Holds a record of your history


  • You can integrate third-party libraries, but not from older Mixvibes (maker of Cross DJ) products
  • Copyright issues within the application

Best Splurge: DEX 3

PCDJ’s Dex 3 Dj software has been in the game for a while and knows all the slippery slopes around mixing software. The DEX 3 provides endless opportunities and fantastic features, but they come at a price of some $150. The company does offer a free trial but that means you’d have to restart your software every 30 minutes which I would never recommend.

However, if you do have the money, don’t hesitate to try the Dex 3; you won’t regret it. The interface is very approachable and you can choose your skin out of many offered. You can choose to use a traditional 2-deck, with video mixing included or not, or you can go with the 4-deck skin.

Dex supports over 100 DJ controllers, so you can plug and play easily using your Numark, Pioneer DJ, Hercules, or any other DJ controller. Technically, you could play them all at once and add some, because this software can take up to 8 MIDI controllers.

The full DJ software package comes with really cool features, but you have to pay for them. If you are a karaoke head, you will love the Party Tyme Karaoke service. It will cost you some $100 per month (after one month of a free trial), but will unlock over 16,000 fully-licensed songs from every musical genre you could imagine!

Also, if you don’t mind spending $10 per month, you could download the SoundCloud GO subscription which you can add directly to your browser. You will be granted access to over 200 million songs that you can load or stream at any time!

Of course, you don’t have to worry about the cues, loops, or any other audio or video effect. They all run smoothly, precisely, and with pristine sound. For those who are not familiar with the software, here are some tutorial videos to get you going.


  • 2-deck and 4-deck interface
  • Supports up to 8 DJ controllers
  • You can get tutorial videos for free
  • Audio effects
  • Video mixing


  • A bit pricey
  • You have to pay for additional services (Karaoke or SoundCloud GO )

Best For Managing Data Library: MIXO DJ

Mixo DJ’s strongest selling point is the DJ Library service it provides. This is excellent if you want to have the playlist from your laptop automatically synced with your phone. That could easily be managed using the data from your cloud (for now only Dropbox and Google).

This means that you can have all your playlists, from any software – Serato, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox – on your phone! You can listen to your playlists or DJ mix everywhere you go, as your cues and beat grids will be in there too.

Mixo offers a great backup service that allows you to transfer all the playlists from your laptop to your second or even third laptop, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re using Mac, Windows, or Linux. You can also choose to backup selected tracks or specific music on your second or third computer.

Mixo has a free version that will only let you use one device. To unlock all the features you’ll need $7 per month.


  • Syncs all devices via DropBox or Google
  • Great backup to a second or third laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • You can manage libraries from different DJ software (Serato, Virtual DJ, RekordBox)
  • You can download playlists and listen to them offline


  • Free version doesn’t really do the trick
  • Cloud sources are limited to Google and DropBox
  • Costs $7 per month  

Pioneer Users: Rekordbox DJ

Rekordbox would be a natural choice for me if I’d used Pioneer DJ gear, so if that’s the case, this might be the best DJ app for Mac for you. There is a free version, but if you want to use it up to its full potential you’ll have to pay $15 every month.

The Rekordbox DJ software is compatible with almost every DJ controller but also works with a turntable setup, all-in-one DJ systems, and DJ players. You could use the same library on all four of these devices if you wanted to, and you could also have your playlists on your phone at any time.

You can export your tracks to a USB flash drive and play them on your CDJs, controller, or other hardware. If you have an application that supports Ableton Link, such as Ableton Live, you can sync the track’s tempo, which could only add up to your performance.

Anyway, if you decide to go for the free plan, you’ll get the export mode, which will allow you to export any part of a track in real-time. But if you opt for the all-inclusive plan, you will lay your hands on some pretty solid features, such as the cloud library sync mode and DVS control.


  • Offers library storage and DJing features
  • You get an export mode for free
  • Compatible with most famous controllers
  • Export tracks to USB and play them on the CDJs


Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best, let me give you a few tips on what to look for when getting DJ software for Mac.

Before making a purchase, ensure that you take into account the following criteria to pick the best DJ software for Mac. The software should have:

  • Have all necessary audio and video features (cues, loops, crossfader, proper waveforms)
  • Clear interface
  • Multi touch screen is a plus
  • Integration option with iTunes
  • MIDI controller connection
  • Ideally, it should offer the possibility to sync libraries of multiple software

Best DJ App For Mac: Conclusion

The DJ equipment market is doing pretty well, which is evident when you take into account how competitive it is, and how many choices we now have at our fingertips. Some of the software is free, some isn’t. If you’re not planning on spending actual money on an application right now, I suggest you give Mixxx or VirtualDJ another look.

For the more experienced, paying for the Dex 3 or Serato might not be a bad idea. I had a chance to try them and everything was stable; I had good control over them.

Obviously, if you have Pioneer hardware and you intend on using it, Rekordbox is your pick.

Last but not least, I always tell people to consider Mixo and the Library Management it offers. All that backup and sync might be worth $7 per month. 

Best DJ App For Mac: FAQ

What App Do DJs Use On Mac?

According to Algoriddim, DJay Pro AI is the most used DJ software for Mac. 

Can You Use iTunes With Serato DJ?

Yes, it is possible to import your iTunes playlist and play it via Serato DJ. If you don’t see this option, go to setup and activate it.

What DJ Software Can I Use With Spotify?

The most common DJ software to use for Spotify is DJay Pro. It will allow you to mix every track you have on Spotify with the aid of the virtual decks.