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Best iPad DJ Mixer App 2022: Review’s & Buyer’s Guide

DJing has never been more approachable than now with the introduction of DJ apps that you can install and use on your smart devices. Most creators of DJ software make sure to have their products available for iOS and Android, or Mac and Windows. 

While most of the brands adjust their software to be used on both Mac and Windows, that’s not the case with iPads and tablets running Android. However, mixing on your iPhone and iPad, or even iPod touch is more than possible with the best DJ apps I’ll be reviewing. 

Most of the apps I’ll be looking at in this article are also suitable for Android and Windows users. But the most important thing, for now, is that they’re good to go on the iPad.

In this article, I will list and describe the DJ apps I consider best. So, lay back and enjoy the read. By the end of it, you should have a clear idea about which DJ app is right for you.

Top 5 DJ Apps For iPad 

Most User-Friendly: Pacemaker

I decided to start off with the Pacemaker DJ app due to its simplicity and compatibility with the iPad. Unlike other apps, this one is specifically designed for Apple products, so if you don’t have an iOS 13.0 operating system or more, you’ll be unable to use it. 

The coolest thing about the Pacemaker is its simple and “down-to-earth” interface, comprising only the two decks, their respective waveforms, and the BPM (beats per minute) button. Of course, that’s not all it offers but it’s the only thing you’ll see once you open the app. 

This is not the case with other iPad DJ apps that can sometimes overwhelm you with all the icons representing different functions when you really don’t need them all the time. That’s why Pacemaker is a great option for beginners. 

However, you can also take advantage of the versatility of the app. It’ll give you access to many effects such as loop, probably the most needed effect on the menu. I always recommend beginners to use this function when they want to emphasize a moment in the track, or when they’re introducing a new song.

At the same time, you can enjoy your mixes with the ChopChop effect that allows you to cut different segments of a track and create the stuttering effect. A very cool way to keep the crowd on their feet while you surprise them with another juicy jam.

The DJ app offers all the other regular effects as well, such as beat sync, scratch, or echo. You can use songs from your iPad library, i.e. iTunes, or you can sync it with Spotify and use the playlists you got there.

You can download Pacemaker from the app store for free, and it will offer you in-app purchases so you can upgrade to Pacemaker or 1. The upgrades will cost you $17 and $5 per week, respectively.

Unfortunately, from the comments, it seems that the company uses a very pushy method of collecting data and money.


  • Very user-friendly;
  • Simple and clear interface;
  • Cool effects;
  • Great for beginners; 
  • You can sync your Spotify and iTunes playlists;
  • Free to download.


  • In-app purchases are too expensive;
  • Very different from the iPhone app. 

Award-Winning User Interface: DJay Pro AI

Another great app that you can use on your iPad is the DJay Pro, made by the famous German music software company Algoriddim. This app offers a very unique and user-friendly display, with all the necessary features and effects you’d need for your mixes. 

To launch it, you’ll need an iOS 12.0 operating system or more. 

The DJay app has a revolutionary function that will allow you to separate certain instruments or vocals from a track, which you can then export in real-time! Apart from that, it has an amazing and intuitive interface with clear buttons and waveforms, and a music library on the side.

In fact, the DJay interface has won multiple Apple Awards. You have everything in one place: a mixer, options for two or four decks, loops, scratcher, everything you really need. All these are so easy to use thanks to the multi-touch technology the DJay app has.

The DJay app offers another cool feature and that’s the Auto Mix, which mixes your songs automatically, obviously. You can automate your sets in advance, while Auto Mix locates the best moments for transition, fade duration, and fixes the EQ for you while you sit back and enjoy.

You can integrate your music library from TIDAL or SoundCloud, and stream it while you DJ mix. If you’re using Spotify, there is a way to transfer your songs to either of these apps and still use those tracks in your mixes.

There is a free version to download, but if you want the Pro DJay app, you’ll have to pay about $50 annually. 


  • Intuitive and powerful user interface;
  • Multi-touch technology;
  • Integration with streaming services;
  • Automix AI;
  • Real-time vocals, instrument separation.


  • Expensive if you want to unlock all the features.

Professional DJ App: DJ Player Pro

DJ Player Pro is different from the other DJ apps because every part of it, every component is made by the same company specifically for the product. There is no borrowing features, operating systems, and so on from third parties, which is common practice with almost every other app of this sort.

According to the company, all this has led to better performance, clearer sound quality, and better user experience. Whether this is a big factor or not, the DJ Player Pro app for iOS is remarkable and truly made for club DJs or people who earn their living from music.

To put things into perspective, the company spent six years doing mathematical research to best develop its decoders and audio features. The response time, i.e. the reaction time once it receives the audio signals, is faster than most famous brands, such as Serato.

This DJ mixing app for iPad is truly made for professionals, which you can see from the interface. There are no pretty little colors and cute icons. In other words, the DJ Player app will only give you tools that exist in real life, in a real DJ booth.

You can hook up your iPad with almost any device you can think of – MIDI controller, mixer, or use it standalone. If you want to, you can hook it up with a DVS system, which will let you use vinyl turntables (but with digital files on them instead of records).

To prove that it’s for professional DJs, I think it’s safe to say that this is the only iPad DJ app that will let you mix with stems. If you’re not familiar with this term, it means allowing you to mix groups of tracks that you’ve processed separately before throwing them into the mix.

Stem mixing is something that Serato or Rekordbox don’t have, for example. The difference is that DJ Player Pro can be downloaded for free at the app store, and it won’t spam you with in-app purchases.


  • Great sound engineering;
  • Free;
  • Flexible connectivity;
  • Allows you to mix with stems. 


  • Too complicated if you just wanna mix two tracks together;
  • Rigid interface.

Full Package: Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix is yet another app that’s worth paying attention to. It’s perfectly compatible with your iPad as the view was designed based on that particular device. It’s easy to use and has multiple audio FX and equalizer settings, as well as other features.

The cool thing about it is the smart music library and fantastic browsing opportunities. It will allow you to sort your tracks by artist, genre, or album, but also by BPM, so you’ll be sure that every following track will facilitate the beat matching process for you.

At the same time, the edjing Mix library gives you the freedom to sync your playlists from Deezer or SoundCloud, as well as from your Google Drive account or Dropbox. In other words, it works great with any playlist you’ve stored on your clouds. 

It’s very user-friendly with every feature being accessible through a single touch on the icon. This might not sound very important but it saves a lot of time when you’re in a pickle to mix tracks together or apply a sound effect. 

Apart from the regular functions such as loop, echo, slicer and so on, edjing Mix has a new sampler that includes colored drum pads. These can trigger sample sounds on top of an ongoing track, which could bring real euphoria within the crowd.

There is a free version that you can download from the app store, but you will also be offered in-app purchases. This will unlock you more features and effects, as the edjing Mix price amounts to some $9 per month or $41 per year.


  • Free to download;
  • Smart music library;
  • Flexible connectivity; 
  • Supports third-party devices and hardware;
  • Works with Deezer, SoundCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox;
  • Good audio FX;
  • Designed by professional DJs.


  • In-app purchases are kind of expensive.

For Noobs and Pros: Cross DJ

Next up we have the Cross DJ app for iPhone and iPad that offers a versatile pallet of features, effects, and is perfect to be used by all, beginners and professional DJs alike. It’s quite cool –  you can get the free version, but also paid ones such as Cross DJ Pro, or Cross DJ 4.

If you opt for the free download, you’ll also be offered in-app purchases, which can cost you up to $7, if you want to unlock every feature. If you don’t want all that’s offered, you can just download the sampler for $2, or the AutoMix for $3. 

Anyhow, the free Cross DJ app will give you all the sound effects and features you need for a high-quality DJ set. It’s very flexible and will allow you to use your music playlists from SoundCloud and mix songs from there in real-time. 

At the same time, it offers all the necessary functions such as the BPM sync feature, so you won’t have to worry about your tracks being perfectly matched, Cross DJ will do that for you – free of charge! 

Another cool thing is that you can record your mixes which you can then upload to some of your social media platforms. To run the app, you’ll need the iOS 9.3 version or newer, and this goes for all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. 


  • Good for beginners and pros;
  • Affordable purchases within the app;
  • Compatibility with third-party playlists;
  • Full set of features and effects;
  • Free.


  • Some have reported the app to slow down a lot;
  • Recordings are of lower quality than the originals.

Best DJ Apps For iPad: Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best DJ apps for iPad, let’s take a look at how you can purchase the best one from on the first go. Shopping for apps can be frustrating with the ever-growing market and endless offers.

Set Your Budget

DJ apps for iPad are not that expensive, at least not the ones I find to be best. Of course, you’ll still have to pay a certain amount if you want to unlock all the features they offer. That’s usually a “small price to pay”, but it adds up and you could end up spending some $100 annually on a DJ app. 

Is that what you want? Professional DJs might find this appealing since they earn their daily bread from this job. However, if you’re an entry-level DJ you should adjust your budget to correspond to your needs at the moment. 

For that matter, if you’re looking for a free DJing app that will basically have everything you need, Cross DJ is definitely one of the best. On the other hand, if you’re more of a pro DJ and are not in the mood to spend too much money, check out the Pacemaker.

Finally, if you don’t have many financial restrictions, you won’t make a mistake if you download and start using DJay Pro with all of its features.

Do Your Research

I’ve noticed people thinking all apps are the same and that all you have to do is look for the free ones. This is not true, although I can see the thought process that leads to this conclusion. Sure, most apps offer the same things such as the looping function, beat sync, built-in key detection and so on.

However, not all of them work in the same way and most importantly, with the same consistency. Some apps freeze more easily, some crash more often than others, and some brands have simply put more effort in designing a user-friendly app than others.

For that reason, it’s always a good idea to google a bit more, read reviews and comments from people that have used the app, so that you can slowly but surely build an opinion regarding your purchase. You’ll be surprised how quickly the answer will come to you once you’ve spent some time reading.

Best DJ Apps For iPad: Conclusion

The offer for DJ apps designed specifically for iPad is low. Most brands focus on other devices such as Mac or Windows, and at the same time offer the possibility to use those same apps on your iPhone or Android. 

However, as seen from the list above, there are some pretty cool apps designed specifically for iPad or made iPad-friendly. 

The things you should look for in such apps is that they have a clear interface that will not get you stuck in a confusing loop where you will wonder where all the functions are. This will be especially useful if you’re a beginner DJ.

One final tip from me is to always look for an app that has all the features you need! If you’re at the beginning of your DJ career, search for something that will make it easy for you to mix two tracks together. 

Leave the samplers and hot cues for some other time, once you’ve mastered all the basics.

Best DJ Apps For iPad: FAQ

Is Serato Pyro Available For iPad?

Serato Pyro was a very popular choice among DJs using iPad, as the company enabled this app in 2016. Unfortunately, as of May 7, 2020, Serato no longer supports this app and has ceased its collaboration with Spotify.

Is DJ Studio 5 Available For iPad?

DJ Studio 5 is an Android-oriented app so if you’re an iOS user you should probably stick to some apps that have been designed for that particular system.

What Is The Best Free DJ App?

Cross DJ is one of the best and most used DJ apps on the market. The fact that a lot of people use it doesn’t mean it’s the best DJ app. However, it has a lot to offer and many have said it’s among the best DJ apps you can get for free.

What DJ Controllers Work With iPad?

Usually, all DJ apps put in their product description whether they offer hardware support or not. Some DJ controllers that can be connected with an iPad are Pioneer DJ DDJ-400, Numark iDJ Pro, and Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3.