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Pioneer DJ PLX-500 K vs. Audio-Technica LP120 [2022 Comparison]

If you’ve reached a point in your DJ career where you’re considering what’s the best turntable for you, it means you’re doing great. If you’re having doubts between Pioneer PLX-500 and Audio-Technica AT LP120, it just means you know how to reckon what’s a high-quality DJ turntable. Both DJ turntables that we have on our …

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Adam TV7 Review

Unlock your mixing potential with the Adam TV7! This revolutionary mixer offers advanced features and intuitive controls to help you take your mixes to the next level. Get the most out of your DJ setup today!

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Denon 6000 Review

Discover why the Denon 6000 is the perfect DJ setup for taking your music career to the next level. From sound quality to ease of use, this review covers all aspects of what makes the Denon 6000 an amazing tool for any modern DJ.

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Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller Review [2022]

Pioneer Corporation is a MNC headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Pioneer is a leading name in the digital products market. The company had started in 1938 as a radio repair shop. The founder of Pioneer was Nozumo Matsumoto. Over the years Pioneer has diversified into multiple products and markets. They were the first to bring a …

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