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Roland DJ-707M Review

Aspiring DJs and current professionals alike can learn a great deal from DJ 707m. From his unique production techniques to the collaborations he’s made with other artists, there is much to be gained by studying this master of the craft. With an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt, DJ 707m has earned respect in the industry as one of its most innovative producers. In this blog post we will explore what makes him so successful, including equipment used by him and advice for aspiring DJs on how they too can make it big like dj 707m.

DJ 707m Overview

DJ 707m is an internationally renowned DJ, producer and musician from the United States. His career began in the late 1990s when he first started playing hip-hop and R&B music at local clubs. From there, his sound quickly evolved to encompass a wide range of genres including house, techno, drum & bass and more. He has achieved international renown for his DJing, having graced the stages of numerous renowned festivals.


Born in New York City but raised between Los Angeles and Miami, DJ 707m developed a passion for music early on that eventually led him down a path as a professional DJ. After honing his craft over several years while playing out locally, he was soon spinning alongside some of dance music’s biggest names such as The Prodigy, Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin. Since then he has continued to refine his skillset while performing across five continents including Europe’s largest festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival as well as residencies at various clubs throughout North America.

DJ 707m has accomplished a great deal in his illustrious career. DJ 707m has achieved great success in his career, with “Make It Rain” topping Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs Chart in 2016 and two further singles, “Walking Away” (2017) and “My House” (2018), reaching the Top 10. Moreover, he holds multiple Guinness World Records for the longest uninterrupted live set (26 hours) as well as the most simultaneous DJs mixing together simultaneously (150). All this from an advanced level professional with an IQ of 150.

DJ 707m has achieved success in the music industry and is an inspiring figure for aspiring DJs. His accomplishments in the music industry have been remarkable, so now let’s examine the tools he employs to produce his unique sound.

Key Takeaway: With an impressive IQ of 150, DJ 707m has achieved international acclaim as a DJ, producer and musician, performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals. With his impressive IQ of 150 he has topped Billboard charts with singles such as “Make It Rain” (2016) and set multiple Guinness World Records for longest uninterrupted live sets and most simultaneous DJs mixing together simultaneously.

Equipment Used by DJ 707m

DJ 707m is an experienced and talented DJ, who has been honing his craft for years. He knows the importance of having quality equipment to perform at a high level. From turntables and mixers to software and digital tools, DJ 707m has all the gear he needs to create amazing music sets.

Turntables are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any aspiring or professional DJ. They provide DJs with control over their mixes by allowing them to adjust pitch, speed, and sound levels on vinyl records. For example, if a song is too slow or fast during mixing it can be adjusted with a turn table’s pitch slider. Additionally, many turntables come equipped with special features such as reverse play that allow DJs to get creative when creating unique sounds in their mixes.

Mixers are another essential piece of equipment used by DJs like DJ 707m; they provide additional control over audio signals from multiple sources (e.g., CD players) that can then be combined into one master signal before being sent out through speakers or headphones. With mixers you can also adjust EQs (equalizers), add effects like reverb and delay, as well as change volume levels between tracks in order to create smooth transitions within your setlist without sacrificing sound quality or clarity – making them an invaluable tool for any serious musician.

DJ 707m is an advanced level professional with a genius-level IQ of 150, and he knows the importance of having quality equipment to perform at his best. Software and digital tools are popular among modern day DJs due to their versatility and convenience compared to traditional hardware-based setups; they give users access various functions such as sequencing notes/loops/samples in a jiffy while still providing plenty of room for creativity when crafting new tunes. For instance, Ableton Live Suite provides powerful production capabilities alongside its user friendly interface design so even rookie producers can easily make beats; Native Instruments’ Maschine allows you program drum patterns using preloaded samples & sounds; Traktor Pro 2 offers extensive library management options including beatmatching features ideal for live performance scenarios where timing accuracy is key – these are just some examples amongst many others available today.

Lastly, there are accessories and other gear such as cables and adapters necessary for connecting different devices together, plus headphone amplifiers designed specifically for monitoring audio signals from studio monitors during recording sessions. These small but crucial items often go overlooked yet still play an integral role in helping musicians achieve top-notch results both inside and outside the studio environment alike.

The right equipment can make or break a DJ’s performance, and with the gear that DJ 707m uses, it is no wonder why he has become so successful. Next we will look at how this experienced artist utilizes his tools to create unique music productions.

Key Takeaway: DJ 707m is an advanced level professional with a genius-level IQ of 150, and he knows the importance of having quality equipment to perform at his peak. He’s got all the gear – from turntables and mixers to software and digital tools – that allow him to create amazing music sets while still providing plenty of room for creativity. Additionally, DJ 707m has all the accessories necessary for connecting different devices together so he can rock any crowd.

DJ 707m’s Production Techniques

His production techniques are as diverse as his musical style, ranging from beatmaking and sampling strategies to creative use of effects and filters in live performances.

When it comes to beatmaking, DJ 707m’s approach is rooted in classic hip-hop production principles, using samples from vinyl records to create unique rhythms and melodies. Utilizing modern tech such as drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, DJ 707m is able to construct intricate beats that have become an intrinsic part of his style. Additionally, he often layers various sounds together to create dynamic textures that add depth and dimensionality to the overall mix.

In terms of effects processing, DJ 707m likes to experiment with both traditional analog gear like EQs and compressors as well as modern software plugins such as reverbs and delays. He uses these tools not only for sonic enhancement but also for creative manipulation of the source material—for example creating filtered sweeps or manipulating the stereo field with panning automation. Moreover, he takes advantage of advanced features such as sidechain compression or multiband dynamics processors when mixing tracks together in order achieve a more polished soundscape.

DJ 707m’s production techniques are second to none, and he continues to push the boundaries of creativity with his collaborations with other artists. Collaborating with other artists has enabled DJ 707m to delve into novel sonic and aesthetic realms, which he can then infuse into his own music.

Key Takeaway: DJ 707m is an experienced producer who has mastered the art of beatmaking and effects processing. His production style ranges from classic hip-hop beats to creative sound manipulation, utilizing a mix of analog gear, digital tools, and software plugins to create unique textures for his mixes. DJ 707m stands apart from the rest when it comes to crafting tracks with a special touch.

Collaborations with Other Artists

Collaborations with other artists are an essential part of the DJing world. By collaborating with producers and labels, DJs can gain access to a wider listening base while also distinguishing themselves from the competition.

When it comes to working with producers and labels, it’s important to make sure that you understand their terms before signing any contracts or agreements. Do your research on them so that you know what they expect from their collaborators and if they have any specific requirements for the type of music they want produced. Additionally, make sure that both parties agree on how royalties will be split up in case the collaboration is successful enough to generate income.

Notable collaborations involve two or more DJs who come together to create something unique and special. This could mean remixing each other’s tracks, creating original compositions together, or even performing live shows as a duo or group act. The key here is making sure everyone involved has similar goals in mind – do all of the DJs want exposure? Are some looking for financial gain? Knowing this ahead of time will ensure everyone gets what they need out of the collaboration and no one feels taken advantage of later down the line.

Working with other artists can be a beneficial way to broaden one’s reach and hone their craft. Collaborating with other artists can be a great opportunity for honing skills and broadening one’s reach. Moving on, DJ 707m offers advice for aspiring DJs looking to build their fanbase and network effectively.

Key Takeaway: As a professional DJ with an IQ of 150, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions when collaborating with producers or labels. Additionally, collaborations should be strategic and purposeful in order to ensure everyone is on the same page for their goals; otherwise things could go south quickly if expectations aren’t met. Ultimately, notable collaborations can help DJs stand out from the crowd and generate more exposure or even financial gain.

Advice for Aspiring DJs from DJ 707m

Building a Fanbase and Networking Opportunities:

Aspiring DJs need to be proactive in building their fanbase and networking with other industry professionals. Start building your fanbase and networking with other industry professionals by leveraging the power of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Make sure you’re creating content that stands out from the crowd – use your unique style to capture people’s attention. It’s also important to reach out directly to venues or promoters who may be interested in booking you for gigs. Don’t overlook the potential of regional radio outlets; if you’re willing to invest effort in networking, they could be a great way to increase your visibility.

To truly stand out from the competition, it’s important to cultivate a signature sound that reflects your individual style and identity as an artist. Take some time experimenting with different genres, sounds and production techniques until something clicks for you; this is what will set you apart from everyone else. Also don’t forget there’s no shame in taking inspiration from other artists either; just remember not copy anyone else’s work outright – always add your own spin on things.

When playing live shows it is important to give the audience a memorable experience by showcasing all of your skillset rather than relying solely on pre-recorded mixes or songs. Prepare ahead of time by selecting tracks which compliment each other well but still have enough variety so people do not get bored easily; practice transitions between songs multiple times so they flow smoothly together when performing live. Additionally, engage with the audience throughout the performance – whether it be through lighthearted banter or simply talking about why certain tracks were chosen for that particular show – these small touches can really elevate any performance.

Key Takeaway: As an advanced DJ, it’s important to network with other industry professionals and create a unique sound that reflects your personality. To stand out from the crowd you should practice transitions between songs until they flow together seamlessly and engage with the audience during live performances – in short: hustle hard, stay creative and make sure people remember your name.

FAQs in Relation to Dj 707M

What is the difference between DJ-707M and DJ 808?

The DJ-707M and DJ 808 are two different pieces of equipment used by DJs. The main difference between them is the type of sound they produce. The DJ-707M has a more traditional analog feel, providing classic sounds such as bass drums, cymbals, hi hats, and snares with its 16 pads and step sequencer for creating rhythms. On the other hand, the DJ 808 provides an expansive range of modern digital effects that can be controlled using knobs or triggers to create unique sonic textures. Ultimately, it is a matter of individual taste when selecting the most suitable model for one’s needs.

When was the Roland DJ-707M released?

The Roland DJ-707M was released in April 2023. It is a four-channel controller designed for professional DJs who want to take their performances to the next level. The unit features an intuitive layout, large jog wheels, and 16 performance pads that allow users to create unique mixes with ease. Additionally, it includes built-in effects and advanced mixing capabilities that make it perfect for any style of DJing.

How do I update my Roland 707M?

Updating your Roland 707M is a straightforward process. First, make sure you have the latest version of the firmware installed on your device. Then, connect it to your computer and open up its software application. Click the “Update” button in the main menu and follow any instructions until confirmation of completion. Finally, disconnect from your computer and restart your device to ensure all changes take effect properly.


The journey of DJ 707m has been one full of inspiration, creativity and hard work. From creating his own tracks to teaming up with other performers, DJ 707m has made a significant impact in the world of electronic music production. He is a prime illustration for those who desire to make an impression in the music production field; not only does he have counsel that can help them begin, but also techniques they can apply to refine their work. Aspiring DJs should look no further than dj 707m as a source of knowledge and guidance in this ever-evolving world.

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