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Best DJ Mixers for Beginners 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

DJing is quickly becoming a sought-after profession amongst young music lovers. Although it seems to be thrilling and simple, there are many aspects to learn before you learn the skill. It’s often said that a DJ is as good as his mixer. Learning how to operate DJ gear like the console to achieve the desired result is something that takes years to master. Thus, in this article, we shall help you find the best DJ mixers for beginners.

Understanding Digital DJ Mixers

Many beginners confuse a digital DJ mixer with an audio mixer. Audio mixers simply mix tones of varying characteristics coming from different channels. The mixed audio is then transmitted through a single output channel. A digital DJ mixer, however, performs several other tasks besides simple mixing.

With a DJ mixer, you can match the beats of audios coming from two or more channels. A DJ can modify the output by adding or removing several parameters after the mixing is complete. Effects and filters enrich the audio with freshness, and all this makes a complete DJ set.

The creative flair in the art of DJing comes from a mixer. Undoubtedly, it is assisted by crossfaders, but the role of a digital DJ mixer in making a track interesting is immense. In audio mixers, one has to connect hardware to import effects, while a mixer has it in-built. Depending on the price, you can get innumerable options to apply effects to your track in a DJ mixer.

Top 10 Best DJ Mixers For Beginners 2022

1. Pioneer DJ DJM- S9 Mixer


The Pioneer DJ DJM- S9 mixer is one of the best mixers for a beginner. The mixer has all the basic features that are easy to handle for a new DJ.

The Pioneer DJ DJM- S9 mixer comes with the Magvel Fader Pro, a popular magnetic crossfader. This crossfader helps deliver a smooth sound quality that has higher reverb. Moreover, the magnetic crossfader has a Feeling Adjust Dial that helps change the sound load so that the DJ can modify the crossfader curve, and sound is circulated as per the audience’s preference.

In the Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader, shock-absorbing bumpers are also present, made of three different materials, and provide a greater rebound for an enhanced echo experience.

Its performance pads and customizable buttons are most suitable for beginners. These pads and buttons allow dynamic live mixing while giving access to different modes such as roll, slice, loop, etc. They are designed to provide greater accuracy and response, which are the most crucial aspects of DJing.

For every new DJ, it is crucial to learn how to apply filters. The Pioneer DJ DJM- S9 mixer comes with a dial that can be easily rotated to add a high or low pass filter to each channel on the machine. Moreover, these filters are highly compatible with the Serato DJ software, such that one can easily switch between filters on the panel.

Overall, it is a simple 2-channel battle mixer specially designed to work with Serato DJ Pro Software. USB sound cards, enhanced mic inputs, and style levers make a DJ’s job easier. Thus, you can think of buying the Pioneer DJ DJM- S9 mixer if you are a beginners.

2. Pioneer DJ 4 Mixer

Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)

The Pioneer DJ 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2) is another easy-to-use DJ mixer for beginners. Many expert DJs suggest that this mixer was instrumental in enhancing their performance with its nuance mixing processor.

The DJ mixer provides a studio quality professional sound design. It has a digital signal processor, which prevents acoustic imbalance and delivers high-quality sound with a natural analog. The improved circuits in this DJ mixer help to cancel the noise.

It is easy to fine-tune the sound with parameter control knobs available on every channel. Moreover, it is easier to switch between different types of beats using a special knob that can be adjusted easily with a single finger.

You can also choose the frequency range in which you wish to operate. It helps in influencing the echo effects that will be present alongside the vocals. It is also useful in maintaining a better rhythm.

With this mixer, the DJ can use both built-in and external FX units simultaneously. Simply connect your external hardware using aux cables, and operate the controls on the mixer for processing. You can also connect specialized FX apps with the Pioneer DJ 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2). Similarly, iPhones and iPads can also be connected by inserting USB cables to the engaged instrument.

When you are new to DJing, the mixer you are using must have a smooth equalizer that can easily balance low, mid, and high frequencies. This mixer uses an improved equalizer compared to the previous models by the same company. Thus, it can help beginners learn about the controls and perfect the art of mixing without any hassle.

Besides being suitable for beginners, it has many features that are useful for experienced DJs as well. Having advanced connectivity, robust faders, and multiple inputs that provide quality connections make it a good mixer unit for all DJs.

3. Mixars Duo MKII Mixer

Mixars Duo MKII 2-Channel DJ Battle Mixer – Prox XS-M12LT – SVM100 – (2) XLR Cables

Mixars DUO MKII 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ can be another good choice for budding DJs who want to perfect their skill. Serato DJ is the most popular and reliable DJing software today. Beginning with this software and operating on a simple mixer will be an ideal strategy for beginners.

This one is a simple two-channel device designed for Serato DJ software and has a battle style mixer. It has a high-quality crossfader made with advanced Japanese technology, and the mixer contains high-quality latest conductive plastic with razor-sharp cuts. Both these features help in producing better rebound and scratching.

Moreover, the mixer contains all the tools and parameters that you will need to operate Serato DJ software. It has eight performance pads with which you can control parameters like cue points, rolls, loops, and samplers. The pads can be integrated easily with Serato DJ so that you get to use them to modify the tunes present on your devices as well.

In most mixers, the prominent controls are modified using knobs. However, in this machine, you have push-encoders to change and apply to new settings. There is a central push encoder that helps in browsing and selecting tones. Two separate push encoders are also present for looping and adding effects. With the beat buttons present on the console, the DJ can select the speed with which these effects will alter.

Overall, it is an affordable alternative to the expensive consoles that are available in the market today. The simplicity of the console and it’s price are two major reasons why beginners should think of buying this mixer. It is great for learning skills like scratching, and many experienced DJs say that it is the best DJ mixer for beginners.

4. Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Ultimate 5-Channel Digital DJ Mixer

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Ultimate 5-Channel Digital DJ Mixer is a professional 5-Channel digital DJ mixer. Practicing this digital mixer during the initial days can help take your professional DJ career to greater heights.

The console has five independent stereo channels meant for different functions. Channels 1 to 4 are stereo channels that can be assigned using the crossfader. Assigning functions to these four channels can be done using a photo level toggle switch present on the mixer.

All five channels have specialized triple-band digital equalizers that support a sound boost of up to 12 decibels. Moreover, all the channels have an infinite cut option too. The activity in each of these channels can be monitored using simple headphones connected via PFL switch.

The fifth channel is dedicated to mic inputs. Two special XLR mic input modes are supported by this channel. The first mode is the conventional mic input, while the other one provides you with a special talk feature. The feature helps reduce the volume of the track without stopping it so that any announcement that you make using your mic is perfectly audible to the audience.

This professional DJ mixer has a Digital Ultracurve Crossfader. The crossfader has two buttons. One is the reverse tap, and the other is the hold button. Besides, an automatic BPMsynchronized crossfading mechanism is also present. You can apply the crossfader to any of the first four channels. It helps make the track smoother and more responsive to any parameters that you set on the mixer.

Being an ultra curve crossfader, it also provides an adjustment knob for the curve sensitivity. The best part about the digital ultra curve crossfader is that, unlike in other expensive machines, this one is easily replaceable. Moreover, even though it performs better than most of the other varieties of crossfaders available in the market today, it is relatively cheaper.

Another interesting point is that it has a BPM synced sampler. This feature helps the DJ to record a part of any incoming audio, such that they can later use the recording and play it on loop without compromising on the beat and frequency. The recording feature also helps in restoring parameters on subsequent use. It is helpful when a single console is used by many DJs in turns. So, as it has all the essential features with many exclusive additions, you can plan on buying it soon.

5. Allen & Heath Xone 23C DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath XONE:23C DJ Mixer Plus Internal Soundcard

Allen & Heath XONE:23C DJ Mixer is yet another machine that has the potential to transform your DJing career. The mixer has loads of features that can add variety to your tracks and make them refreshing.

The Allen & Heath XONE:23C DJ Mixer brings to you the best of both worlds. While you can mix tracks using the basic techniques, you also get a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to adding digital effects. The most important part of this mixer is the Analog Voltage Control Filter Or VCF.

The VCF allows you to add high and low-pass filters whenever you feel like it. Moreover, it also provides options to modify the frequency sweep. By changing the sweep, you enable the mixer to automatically vary the frequencies between two pre-set values. Thus, it reduces your workload significantly, while it also ensures that your music is versatile.

The voltage control filter also offers an option to route back third-party FX units that can be connected to the mixer using an FX Loop feature. The mixer has four channels that provide stereo features with dual-levels of line and phono inputs. These channels allow four different music sources to be connected to the mixer. They also help in connecting turntables and media players as well.

While you get to use the digital DJ mixer controls, the internal sound card also offers additional benefits. It enables you to record and replay any music segment from the DJ software that you are using. Besides input and output channels for the mics and the main tracks, the mixer also contains a dedicated record output. Overall, it’s yet another masterpiece that young DJs can consider when they are looking for a simple and effective mixer.

6. Native Kontrol S2 MK2

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller is an advanced mixer with easy-to-understand features. Moreover, it has updated hardware along with increased fader performance, compared to the previous models produced by Native Instruments.

The biggest benefit of buying this mixer is the ergonomic stability that it provides to a DJ. For any budding artist, to learn how to master DJ mixing, they must become familiar with their console from the beginning itself. The ergonomic stability provided by this digital DJ mixer gives that feel and experience to new DJs.

Moreover, when it is easier to handle the controls of a mixer, the DJ gets more time for thinking about the modifications that he or she can make in their basic track, and make it sound better.

Even though we are recommending this mixer for beginners, it is a professional quality advanced mixing device. Supported by triple-band equalizers and pre-cue buttons, it helps the DJ make proper judgments while preparing a track. It has a top-notch fader that is robust and does not give way even after years of usage.

Experts often talk about the precise engineering that makes the mixer the best DJ mixer for beginners. Any feature that you choose, works smoothly with lightning-fast speed. Each control on the panel is calibrated with very high accuracy. All these characteristics are beneficial because they make scratching and cueing effortless.

The mixer is preloaded with a selection of loops and sounds that you can use to get started. Around 40 loops and ten full tracks are pre-loaded in the mixer. These tracks cover all sorts of instruments like drums, bass, percussion, etc.

Moreover, you get loops that are based on different styles. Besides these preloaded tones and tracks, the DJ also gets an option to apply effects to the sound. These effects include delay, flanger, reverb, etc. With so many features included in the panel, beginners can expect unique performance after using this mixer.

7. Pioneer DJ DJM-450

Pioneer DJ DJM-450 (DJM450)

Pioneer DJ DJM-450 (DJM450) can be another great option if you are looking for a suitable mixer for beginners. It is a mixer that inherits high-quality features from its predecessors of the same series. It is essentially a two-channel mixer that can be partnered with your turntables and multi-players very easily.

The mixer has a remarkable layout design. Even if you are a beginner, you will get the feel of a professional mixer that has all the traits of any expensive mixing unit used by experienced DJs.

Just like other mixers from Pioneer, this one has strong feeders that are essential for the smooth output that you get from the mixer. Moreover, the videos are robust and help in keeping the mixer in good shape for a long time. The faders contain metal shafts that support the knobs with which the DJ can control the fader.

Although all the mixers mentioned in this article give a high-quality performance, the smoothest mixing is done by the Pioneer DJ DJM-450 (DJM450). The equalizer that is present in this mixer helps in balancing all types of frequencies received through every channel. Moreover, the DJ only needs to choose his or her preferred equalizing level. The mixer also provides an option to use an isolator, and eliminate any equalizing band that the DJ Feels is not suitable for the final mix.

Pioneer is a trusted name when it comes to the production of digital DJ mixers. Therefore, just like other Pioneer mixers that we talked about before, this one can be a great option for a beginner to start his or her DJing career. The quality that you get is supreme, while the price is quite affordable.

8. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 4-Channel, 4 DJ Controller (26660)

The Traktor Kontrol S3 DJ controller is a four-channel device that will open a whole new world for you when it comes to mixing. Having additional two decks means that you’ll be able to really unleash your creativity and mix something really unique.

The four decks aren’t the only thing that’s cool about the Kontrol S3. Native Instruments has upgraded this controller with cool features such as layer beats, which allows you to have more sounds “layered” on top of each other and create an incredible sound.

The extra channels can be used for various things. My favorite trick is to “stack” a cool jam, also called a “wild card” on the fourth deck, which you can drop when you feel the crowd is ready for it.

The build quality is durable as this controller comes with metal finishings. Overall, it’s a bit heavy but stable and resistant to vibrations. Moreover, the layout of the Traktor Kontrol S3 is superb, with nice and long crossfaders, firm EQ knobs, and mixer effects on top of each channel.

The jog wheels are wide and touch-sensitive, surrounded by LED lights that will keep you notified which deck is currently playing. Believe me, it’s necessary for a DJ to know which one is playing.

The Traktor S3 DJ controller can be used for sampling, firing drum patterns, making it perfect for music producers and studio use in general. You can trigger a loop whenever you want and assign it to a performance pad without turning on your DJ software.

9. Reloop RMX-90

Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer

Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer can be another good choice for a beginner willing to learn the craft of DJing. A simple club mixer with four channels, the Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer has a remarkable audio interface.

The four channels of the Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer are capable of routing different audios simultaneously. A dedicated output channel for mics is present separately. All are high-performance stereo channels that are compatible with Serato DJ Pro software.

The Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer also contains an onboard Serato sound card that provides a 2x Serato NoiseMap control. Like any other professional club mixer, you get the 12 best FX and filters to be applied to each channel separately.

Usually considered a rather expensive option when it comes to digital DJ mixers, the Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer has several advanced features that make it worthy of the price. An exclusive 24-bit USB interface helps in reducing the playback latency to a minimum. It has a regular plug-n-play setup making it suitable for beginners.

The RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer contains Serato NoiseMap control vinyl records, helping beginners use Serato more conveniently. Serato has several internal features, which might not be supported completely by the other club mixers. However, the RMX-90 DVS 4-Channel Serato Mixer allows you to implement all the Serato software features. So, if you can afford this mixer, It will be a great choice for learning how to mix.

10. American Audio 19MXR

American Audio 19MXR 4-Channel MIDILOG DJ Mixer

American Audio is another popular name when it comes to mixer manufacturing. The 19MXR 4-Channel MIDILOG DJ Mixer is one of its flagship products that has become a favorite amongst experienced DJs as well. It is simple to operate, and the controls can be easily learned by novices too.

The mixer is compatible with almost any virtual DJ software, and you can use any laptop to integrate the software with the mixer. The mixer supports four channels, all of which have an input and output source. Along with the DSP D core sound card, the channels form the audio interface of this digital DJ mixer.

While moving the knobs of the mixer, you get the feel of a traditional club mixer. However, the color-coded performance pads are a new addition to American Audio’s latest series that help facilitate shifts between different parameters.

Overall, it can be a great console to introduce a young artist to the concept of mixing. While several innovations have taken place in the field of DJ mixers, this one is a relatively older and simpler model. However, sans the effects and filters, it is a very useful model to help the beginners in knowing more about traditional club mixing.

Best DJ Mixers For Beginners – Conclusion

So, in this article, we helped you in identifying the best DJ mixer for beginners that are available in the market today. DJ mixers give you all the tools with which you can make your setup versatile and complete. There can be a lot of differences between the features of different types of mixers. However, they are the only thing you need to get a beat-matched output.

Using the features of your mixer and seeking maximum benefit from it is something that you learn with experience. Beginners should choose simple mixers with all basic features and practice on it to understand the craft in a better way. So, choose a digital DJ mixer from these options and work hard to reach great heights in your DJing career.

FAQs on DJ Mixers For Beginners

Q1. What Does A Beginner DJ Need?

A beginner DJ needs a thorough understanding of the job before anything else. Talking about the equipment, beginners will need a mixer, controller, software like Serato DJ, speakers, headphones, and turntables. A variety of DJ accessories are also available these days, that one can choose according to their requirements.

Q2. Where Do Beginner DJs Get Their Music?

There are a lot of sources to obtain a track reserve that can be used for DJing. A popular and free option is the Crossfader Music Pack, toher options include DJ Record Pools, Soundcloud, Youtube, Shazam, etc. Some people even find interesting music in old DJ Mailing Lists.

Q3. Do I Need A DJ Mixer?

For any budding DJ, having a mixer is very crucial. Mixers help you make a fresh track out of old music. The choice of mixers depends on the skills and requirements of the operator. However, even the simplest mixers can produce wonderful music if you know how to use them in the right way.

Q4. What Skills Do You Need To Be A DJ?

DJing demands that a variety of skills be at work simultaneously to produce impressive music. To start with, one must know how to use Midi controllers creatively. Next, understand how good remixes and mash-ups can be made. Lastly, cultivate a habit of knowing or learning about new DJing equipment at every step in your career.

Q5. Can You DJ With Just A Mixer And Laptop?

Certainly yes. A mixer, laptop, and good DJing skills for a killer combination. It is one of the most popular and versatile DJ setups. Being a portable option, experienced DJs prefer working with a mixer and laptop only. Just load your laptop with all the tunes that you need, connect it to the mixer, and apply your skill to produce good music.