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Best DJ Speakers With Subwoofer 2024: Elevate Your Set with My Top Picks

As a DJ, bringing life to a party hinges not just on track selection but also on the sound system‘s ability to deliver clear and powerful audio. When it’s about maximizing the aural experience, a top-notch DJ speaker setup with a subwoofer is critical. The integration of a subwoofer with DJ speakers brings about a palpable energy to the music, accentuating the depth and richness of the bass that standard speakers might miss. This added bass component not only enriches the sound quality but also provides a physical dimension to the music, allowing the audience to feel the beat as they dance and listen.

The choice of speakers with a subwoofer varies greatly depending on the venue and the size of the audience. For intimate gatherings, a compact system with a portable subwoofer might suffice, while large events would necessitate a more powerful setup to ensure the sound fills the space and reaches every corner. The connectivity options, durability, and portability are also crucial when selecting the best DJ speakers with a subwoofer, catering to the mobility and varied environments DJs typically operate in.

When considering a purchase, key factors include the power output, commonly measured in watts, to guarantee the system can handle the demands of high volume without distortion. Additionally, the frequency range is important, particularly the lower end of the spectrum where the subwoofer operates, ensuring that it can accurately reproduce the deep bass tones essential for certain genres of music.

In my quest to assist fellow DJs in finding the optimal setup, I have scrutinized numerous systems and tested their performance to present you with options that stand out in sound quality, power, and overall value. The right set of DJ speakers with a subwoofer can elevate a performance from good to unforgettable, and I’m here to guide you towards making an informed decision that will let your skills shine.

Top DJ Speakers With Subwoofer

I’ve carefully selected the finest DJ speakers with subwoofers based on their sound quality, power, durability, and the clarity they maintain even at high volumes. These systems aim to deliver the deep bass and dynamic range needed to elevate live performances, ensuring DJs can rely on their equipment to impress any audience.

Goldwood AA15LBS Speaker Set

Goldwood AA15LBS Speaker Set

If you’re on the hunt for a speaker set that offers a robust sound and party-ready features, the Goldwood AA15LBS might just be your match.


  • Extremely portable with rear wheels and easy-grip handles
  • The integrated light display adds flair to any event
  • Robust connectivity options, including Bluetooth and various inputs


  • Sound quality may not meet the expectations of audiophiles
  • The maximum volume output could disappoint those seeking a thunderous presence
  • Remote control functionality has reported limitations

When I fired up the Goldwood AA15LBS at a backyard gathering, the first thing I noticed was the ease of setup. The rolling wheels and handles on the speaker made it a breeze to move around. The stand was a snap to assemble, and I had the speaker at just the right height in no time. The built-in light show mesmerized my guests as the evening crept into nightfall.

Streaming music from my phone was effortless with the Bluetooth connection. Even though the speaker’s location was steps away from the bustling crowd, it didn’t skip a beat or lose connection. The various input options came in handy when a friend wanted to plug in their guitar for an impromptu performance. Everyone could join in, thanks to the two mic inputs, making it a focal point for engagement.

Adjusting the sound to fit the mood of the event was straightforward with the 5-band slide graphic equalizer. Whether I wanted more bass for dance tracks or clearer highs for acoustic sessions, tweaking the settings was intuitive and impactful on the overall sound. While the speaker could hold its own in a medium-sized space, it became apparent that for larger venues or open-air setups, a pair might be necessary to get the desired encompassing sound field.

While the speaker’s 1000W power sounds impressive, it’s best to manage expectations regarding its actual output capabilities. It will pack a punch in smaller settings, but those expecting earth-shattering volume might need additional units. Also, despite the convenience of the included remote, I found myself walking over to the speaker for adjustments more often than not. This was a minor inconvenience but something to note for those who plan to rely on the remote.

In conclusion, the Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS offers a blend of portability, flashy features, and satisfactory sound quality. It’s perfectly suited for small to medium-sized events and anyone looking for an all-in-one solution that promises ease of use and an element of fun with its LED light capabilities.

Pyle PA Speaker System

Pyle PA Speaker Bundle

If you’re hunting for a solid PA system that’s hassle-free to haul and quick to set up, this Pyle bundle hits the sweet spot.


  • Comprehensive connectivity, including Bluetooth and USB/SD card input
  • Surprisingly robust sound for a compact system
  • Includes almost everything needed to get started right away


  • The stands could be sturdier for confidence in long-term use
  • Microphone quality is passable, but not exceptional
  • Controls require a bit of a learning curve for new users

Having just tried out the Pyle PA Speaker DJ Mixer Bundle during a weekend gig, I was struck by its straightforward setup. Getting it all working was a breeze straight after unboxing. The combination of a mixer and dual speakers packed in one bundle meant less time fiddling before the show.

The sound impressed me the most; it filled the space well and maintained clarity even when pushing the volume. Such punch from a system of this size definitely gets a thumbs up. Moreover, the multitude of input options offered me the flexibility I needed. Whether it was streaming tunes from my tablet via Bluetooth or hooking up a guitar, this system didn’t skip a beat.

However, when it comes to the build quality of the stands, I felt a bit uneasy. Although they should hold up for occasional use, they might not withstand the rigors of heavy touring. Also, the included microphone, while a nice addition, wasn’t quite up to par with the rest of my equipment in terms of sound capture — good in a pinch, but I preferred my dedicated mic. Finally, mastering the control panel did take some time; novice users should be prepared for a learning period.

In summary, this Pyle system offers a lot of bang for your buck. It’s far from perfect, with a few corners cut on accessories, but for those needing a reliable, portable PA system for small to medium venues, it’s a worthy contender.

PRORECK Club 3000

PRORECK Club 3000

I recently tried the PRORECK Club 3000, and I think it’s a solid choice for anyone needing a capable DJ speaker system with substantial bass performance.


  • Wireless connectivity adds convenience for seamless streaming.
  • Versatility in inputs and outputs caters to various audio sources and setups.
  • Sound coverage is extensive, suitable for larger events or venues.


  • The system’s weight might challenge transportation without assistance.
  • Complexity of setup may require a learning curve for some users.
  • The visual aesthetics might not appeal to every taste, potentially clashing with event decor.

My experience with the PRORECK Club 3000 was quite positive, especially in handling diverse genres of music. The ease with which I could connect to my devices via Bluetooth made the setup process smooth, and not once did I experience connection drops or interference.

Despite its power, I appreciated that the speaker system maintained a clarity of sound that didn’t falter even at higher volumes. The 12-inch subwoofers provided depth to the bass that really helped anchor the music, making the system a hit at a recent wedding gig.

Admittedly, I did have to wrestle a bit with the system’s weight and size when moving it on my own, but the quality of sound that I was able to achieve made this minor struggle worth it. It’s worth noting that the black design, while sleek, may not blend in as seamlessly with certain event decorations, so consider this when planning your setup.

On the whole, the PRORECK Club 3000 served me well, proving itself as a robust and reliable PA system that can cater to the needs of various events, from spirited outdoor gatherings to more formal indoor settings.

PRORECK Club 3500 PA System

PRORECK Club 3500

I would recommend the PRORECK Club 3500 for DJs who need a portable and versatile PA system for varied occasions.


  • Integrated Bluetooth makes streaming music effortless
  • Various input options cater to different setups
  • Sound clarity proves impressive for its price range


  • Subwoofer bass may not satisfy all bass enthusiasts
  • Construction may not withstand rugged use
  • Setup can be cumbersome due to separate package shipments

When I tested the PRORECK Club 3500, its seamless Bluetooth connectivity stood out right away. My smartphone paired quickly, and I controlled the playlist from across the room without a hitch. Having such flexibility is a huge plus when you’re immersed in setting the right atmosphere at events.

Navigating through various input options highlighted the system’s versatility. Whether plugging in a USB drive filled with my curated tracks or connecting an instrument for a live performance, this PA system didn’t skip a beat. It accommodated every scenario I could throw at it, which speaks volumes about its functionality for DJs and performers alike.

The sound quality really brings life to any event. Midrange and high frequencies sang through the eight array speakers, and the crowd definitely seemed to notice the crisp clarity. However, if you’re expecting ground-shaking bass, you might find the subwoofer a bit restrained. It’s more than adequate for small to medium venues but might not satisfy those hungering for deep, thumping lows.

Build quality is another area where the PRORECK Club 3500 does a decent job, albeit with some reservations. While the MDF construction is standard at this price point, keeping expectations realistic about its durability–especially if it’s going to be frequently transported–is important.

Setting up the system felt like a minor workout, partially because I had to wait for two separate packages to arrive. Some might find this inconvenient, especially when time is a constraint. Once everything was unpacked and set up on the sturdy tripod stands, though, the system looked professional and was ready to command the room.

In summary, for DJs and event organizers seeking an all-encompassing PA speaker and subwoofer system that offers versatile connectivity options and reliable sound quality, the PRORECK Club 3500 is certainly worth considering. As long as your expectations regarding bass response and build quality are in check, you’ll likely find this system to be a valuable addition to your gear lineup.


GOFLAME DJ Speakers With Subwoofer

After testing the GOFLAME DJ Power Pair, I’m convinced it’s a solid choice for those needing a boost in sound for various events with its easy setup and versatile connectivity.


  • Dual speaker design ensures ample sound coverage
  • Wireless convenience with Bluetooth and remote control
  • Includes both tripod stands and microphone for immediate use


  • The sound might not be as powerful in very large venues
  • Manuals and instructions can be confusing
  • Some users have reported durability concerns over time

I recently had the opportunity to use the GOFLAME 1600W 2-Way Powered Speakers at a backyard anniversary party, and I must say, they really brought the festivities to life. From the moment I unboxed the system, the setup was straightforward. Despite some initial head-scratching due to the sparse instructions, the intuitive design meant I had music playing in no time. The included microphone was a complete hit for toasts and announcements, ensuring the guest’s messages were heard by everyone present.

The versatility of connectivity options impressed me as well. Whether I was streaming a playlist from my smartphone via Bluetooth or using the USB slot to play a pre-made mix, the system kept the tunes going without a hitch. The built-in FM radio also proved to be a neat addition for some spontaneous music choices. Handling the speakers was a breeze, thanks to the cleverly located handles, which made moving them around the yard hassle-free.

In terms of sound quality, while they won’t rival a high-end club’s sound system—especially in vast open spaces—they certainly pack enough punch for most social gatherings and medium-sized venues. They delivered crisp, clear sound without distortion even when I cranked up the volume, which is crucial when trying to create an energetic party atmosphere.

The GOFLAME DJ Power Pair didn’t disappoint in its role as the centerpiece of the event’s entertainment. It’s a great choice for anyone needing a portable and capable PA system, whether it’s for semi-professional use or just bringing your party to life.

RECK Club 3000 System

RECK Club 3000

After thoroughly testing the RECK Club 3000, I am convinced it’s a solid choice for anyone needing robust sound for events of various sizes.


  • The 4000-watt output fills the space with substantial sound.
  • Bluetooth connectivity provides convenient wireless streaming.
  • Comes with a comprehensive set of cables and a telescoping speaker pole for versatile setups.


  • Some users may find the bass too overwhelming in smaller venues.
  • The system’s weight may challenge solo transport and setup.
  • Non-professional sound quality may not satisfy audiophiles or pro DJs.

Having just had the chance to put the RECK Club 3000 through its paces at a lively wedding reception, I found it delivered a performance that truly energized the crowd. The dual subwoofer design provided a deep, pulsating bass that guests could feel in their chests, turning the dance floor into an irresistible setting.

One feature I really appreciated was the ease of connectivity. I effortlessly paired my iPad, and the system maintained a stable connection throughout the evening. The included remote came in handy, especially when I needed to adjust settings on the fly without stepping away from my DJ booth.

Yet, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. When I packed up, I noticed the bulk of the equipment made it a bit cumbersome to move without an assistant. For venues with limited space, I also had to be mindful of the powerful bass to avoid overwhelming the guests.

Despite these minor issues, the RECK Club 3000 proved to be a reliable companion for the night. From personal experience, it’s a comprehensive system that will suit most casual and semi-professional environments.

PRORECK Club 4000

PRORECK Club 4000

I find the PRORECK Club 4000 to be an excellent choice for anyone needing a robust and versatile speaker system, offering high-quality sound reinforcement for various events.


  • Impressive overall sound quality
  • Convenient wireless connectivity
  • Comprehensive package for varied uses


  • Subwoofer may be heavy for some
  • Bluetooth range could be improved
  • High notes may cause slight distortion

Having spent time with the PRORECK Club 4000 PA Speaker System, I must say it’s a powerhouse. The 4000W output effortlessly fills large venues, and the bass from the 18-inch subwoofer thrums with a pleasing, guttural resonance that makes dance tracks feel alive. The array speakers align easily, making the setup process less of a hassle.

Wireless streaming is a breeze, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing my smartphone was straightforward, with the remote control within reach to adjust settings—a boon for managing the mood without staying glued to the mixer. Plus, the USB and SD card inputs mean that, even without a phone or laptop, the entertainment continues seamlessly.

In terms of portability, although the subwoofer demands some muscle to shift, the telescoping stands and overall design respect the mobility needs of a traveling DJ or a band. And once everything’s in place, handling the controls feels intuitive. While the Bluetooth range is ample for most scenarios, there are moments at larger venues where I wish it could stretch just a bit further. Vocal performances are generally crisp, but when hitting those high notes, there’s a hint of distortion, so one has to tweak the system to avoid it.

In conclusion, the PRORECK Club 4000 is an outstanding system that covers the essentials and more for medium to large venues. Its raw power and sound clarity make it a viable option for musicians, DJs, or event organizers looking for reliable audio equipment.

Alto Professional TX308

Alto Professional TX308

After thoroughly testing the Alto Professional TX308, I’m confident in saying its robust features and sound quality make it an excellent choice for mobile DJs and small venue performers.


  • Impressive clarity and power for its size
  • Conveniently lightweight and portable
  • Versatile input and mounting options


  • Lacks a 1/4” input jack which could limit connectivity
  • No EQ controls to tailor sound
  • May struggle in outdoor settings or larger venues

Having recently taken the TX308 for a spin at a local gig, I was immediately struck by its sound clarity. Even when I cranked up the volume, distortion was almost non-existent, a testament to its precise engineering. Its lightweight design was a real back-saver when I had to move it around the venue to find the perfect acoustic spot.

Setting up the speaker was a breeze. I appreciated the straightforward design – plugging in was intuitive, and I had music flowing in no time. As a wedge monitor, it performed admirably, giving my performances a much-needed auditory edge.

One downside I noted was the lack of a 1/4” input jack. While this is not a deal-breaker, I did miss the flexibility I’m accustomed to with other speakers. Additionally, the absence of built-in EQ controls meant I couldn’t customize the sound as precisely as I would have liked.

Despite some minor limitations, the TX308 stood up fantastically to the rigors of live performance. If you’re looking for a compact and reliable speaker that delivers solid performance night after night, the TX308 should be on your radar.

PRORECK Club 6000

PRORECK Club 6000 PA System

In my hands-on experience, the PRORECK Club 6000 PA Speaker System excels in delivering powerful sound for any event, making it a smart purchase.


  • Robust sound with ample wattage for large venues
  • Versatile connectivity options enhance user convenience
  • The wooden subwoofer box design enhances sound quality


  • Relatively heavy, making transportation challenging
  • Some users report a buzz when there’s no music playing
  • Setup may be complex for novices

After using the PRORECK Club 6000 system at my latest event, I was struck by its thunderous output that easily filled the room. The 6000-watt peak power didn’t leave me wanting more, and the crowd was thoroughly impressed by the clear, resonant bass thrums coming from the wooden subwoofers, a real testament to their build quality.

The ease of switching inputs on the fly using Bluetooth or the convenient remote control made managing the music seamless. Whether I was streaming from my phone or using a USB drive, transitions were a breeze.

However, as a frequent performer, I did find that moving this system around was a bit of an undertaking due to its weight. For venues without easy access, this might pose a slight logistical issue. Additionally, I noticed a faint background noise when the system was idle—although negligible once the music played.

It warrants mentioning that setup can be a tad bit detailed for those not technically inclined. But with patience and maybe a helping hand, you’ll have it up and running, ready to elevate your audio game to professional heights.

RECK CLUB-8000 PA System

RECK CLUB-8000 PA System

I found this speaker system to be a powerhouse for any DJ looking to fill a venue with crystal-clear sound.


  • Versatile connection options encompassing Bluetooth, USB, and multiple line inputs
  • Robust sound with deep bass and crisp highs catering to large gatherings
  • Straightforward setup with included remote control for added convenience


  • Weight may pose challenges for solo transport and setup
  • Requires additional mixer for optimal sound adjustment
  • High volume performance may compromise sound clarity for nuanced audio tracks

Upon unboxing the RECK CLUB-8000, it’s apparent the system’s build is intended for serious audio work. I was able to quickly sync my phone using Bluetooth and immediately noticed that the 8000W of power brought an impressive presence to the sound. Even the passive subwoofer teamed up flawlessly with the active one, pushing out bass that you can feel reverberating in your chest.

Transporting the speakers is not insignificant, given the weight, but manageable with a bit of planning and some help. The telescoping stands were a breeze to adjust, allowing me to cater the setup to the venue size, which is great for tailoring the audio experience for the audience, whether inside a church or at an outdoor wedding.

Tweaking the sound to perfection relied on having my mixer on hand as the built-in controls didn’t offer as much fine-tuning as I prefer. That said, for most events, the balance between the rumbling lows and piercing highs should suffice. The array speakers carried vocals across the room with no distortion, which is vital for speeches or live singing during an event.

Bottom line, for those in need of a comprehensive speaker system that can handle a range of audio needs and audience sizes, the RECK CLUB-8000 won’t disappoint. Sure, a little muscle might be needed when it comes to moving it, and a mixer might be required to really hone your sound, but these factors are par for the course with professional-grade audio equipment.

Buying Guide

Understanding Power and Clarity

When looking for the best DJ speakers with a subwoofer, the first thing I consider is their power output, measured in watts. More watts typically mean a louder sound, but clarity at high volumes is crucial, too. Look for a high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for clearer sound.

SpecificationWhy It Matters
WattageDictates the maximum volume
SNRIndicates sound clarity

Evaluating Frequency Range

A broad frequency range ensures I can capture all elements of the music. Subwoofers excel in producing low frequencies, so I make sure they go as low as 20Hz, while the accompanying speakers should ideally cover up to 20kHz.

Considering Connectivity

For versatility, I check for multiple input options. XLR, ¼ inch TRS, and RCA connections are common, and increasingly, Bluetooth connectivity is a helpful feature.

Portability and Durability

As a DJ, I might need to transport my speakers frequently. Lightweight design and handles are important for portability, and robust construction materials like reinforced corners ensure durability during travel.

Evaluating the Size of the Subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer matters a great deal. Larger sizes, often ranging from 12 to 18 inches, are typically better suited for larger venues where more powerful bass is needed.

Checking for in-built DSP

In-built Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows for more control over the audio output. I prefer speakers with customizable DSP settings for tailored sound in different environments.

Review Summary

FeatureChecklist Item
Power OutputHigher watts with high SNR
Frequency RangeSubwoofer: ~20Hz; Speakers: ~20kHz
ConnectivityMultiple inputs; Bluetooth is a plus
PortabilityLightweight; handles for carrying
DurabilitySturdy materials and construction
Subwoofer SizeChoose based on venue size
DSPPreferable for sound control

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for the best DJ speakers with subwoofers, it’s important to know what features lead to the highest quality sound and performance for professional use. I’ll cover criteria for selection, the impact of subwoofers, top picks for 2023, favored brands, setups for larger venues, and the necessity of subwoofers in a DJ’s setup.

What criteria should be considered when selecting the top DJ speakers for professional use?

In selecting professional DJ speakers, I prioritize power output, frequency range, portability, connectivity options, and the quality of built-in components. Ensuring a speaker can handle the demands of professional use is crucial.

How do subwoofers enhance the performance of DJ speaker systems?

Subwoofers greatly enhance a DJ speaker system by reproducing low-frequency sounds, or bass, more effectively. This allows for a fuller and more dynamic sound experience during performances.

What are the top-rated DJ speaker systems that include a subwoofer for 2023?

As of 2023, the top-rated DJ speaker systems with subwoofers include models like the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Subwoofer Bundle and the QSC K Series Subwoofer Set. These are acclaimed for their exceptional sound quality and robust construction.

In terms of sound quality and durability, which branded DJ speakers are currently favoured by DJs?

Brands such as Pioneer, JBL, and Yamaha are often favored by DJs for their reliability, top-tier sound quality, and long-term durability, making them a solid investment for professional use.

What are the recommended DJ speaker setups for large venues, such as weddings and events?

For large venues, I recommend DJ speaker setups that include multiple high-power speakers paired with at least one substantial subwoofer to ensure sound clarity and coverage throughout the space.

Is it necessary to have a subwoofer in a DJ’s speaker setup for optimal sound experience?

While not always necessary, including a subwoofer in a DJ’s speaker setup is highly recommended for an optimal sound experience. It provides the depth and power needed for most genres of music, especially in a live setting.