Morningdeer: Concert On A Twig CD

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The Hungarian prodigy, Morningdeer's magical and wonderful AvanPop! Morningdeer brings in anything that makes sounds, designs a layered "voice" just like magic, and also plays any instruments. It is really a vast treasure trove of idea. I never imagi more info

Va Inc. Lawrence English, Simon Scott, Yves De Mey, Janek Schaefer & More: Vernacular 2CD

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One word was given to the 15 artists who appear on Whereabout's new compilation: "Vernacular," the title of the release. "Originally, music existed in each region's inherent culture, in accordance with the character of the location," writes Yui Onode more info

Yuiko: Felicity CD

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In 2002, Yuiko released her debut album, "Chiheisen ue no tooi kane." Her mysterious, healing, and limpid singing voice, which would take listeners to a different dimension, was spread widely by word of mouth and burned into a certain circle's consci more info