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Can a DJ Sell His or Her Mixes Online?

Many DJs and music producers have been making mixes for decades, but can they sell them online? This is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer varies depending on who you ask. Some will say yes, while others will say no. In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the argument so you can decide what to do with your mixtapes!

What is a DJ mix?

A DJ mix is a compilation of songs that a DJ carefully curates to create one seamless mix. They can be made from new or old songs. Still, the idea is to provide listeners with an experience unlike anything they have heard before!

Some DJs will only play their mixes, while others might use them as promotional items for upcoming gigs and shows. Of course, some people make mixtapes just for themselves, too- it all depends on what you want out of your music collection!

The beauty in DJing is taking control over the moods and energy levels in any given room. This means making decisions about which tracks go together well so that every person feels good when they walk away at the end of a night.

Why would someone want to buy a DJ mix?

Someone may want to buy a DJ mix because the artist has a new release coming out and wants to have their music on it or a huge fan of the DJ.

Someone may also buy an individual mix if they couldn’t make it to that show but wanted to hear what was played!

Many DJs sell them online as well- so you can find someone near you who is selling mixes for your favorite genre, DJ name, etc. It’sIt’s super easy to search online!

This helps other people get into new music too- we all know how hard it can be to find something good in our town sometimes! And with these sites listing everything from dubstep mixtapes to old-school hip hop mixes, there is no shortage of awesome music available for purchase.

How can you sell your mixes online?

To sell your DJ mixes online, you can list your mixes on websites like Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

You may also use sites like SoundCloud to upload a mix for people who want it- but these are free sites that anyone can access.

To sell physical copies of the albums online, there is no central resource for DJs selling their mixes- this means that you would have to set up an account with each site individually!

If someone wants to buy one of your mixes, they will go through the normal process; searching by genre or name and adding songs into their cart as needed. They then checkout once they’ve found what they’re looking for.

If a customer likes something from your store, be sure to include them in any future marketing campaigns so they can find you again in the future.

Where should I sell my mixes online?

The best place to sell your DJ mixes online is probably on your website. If you have your site, there is no need to pay for a third-party service where you will probably not be getting the most out of it.

If you don’t have your website, then there are a couple of other options out there. The two most popular ones being Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Both offer excellent marketing features to get found more easily when people search for DJ mixes online or buy music in general. They also allow users to make their content available offline to listen to it even if they’re not connected with WiFi or a data plan at the moment.

SoundCloud offers its Pro service as an upgrade that allows you to upload tracks up to 320kbps audio quality (it’s free). Plus, they include unlimited storage space for all videos, including visuals like cover art and .gif images. That is quite useful for those who want to sell their mixes and include visuals to help people remember what’s in them.

On the other hand, Bandcamp allows you to upload an unlimited amount of audio and video content and sell music in any digital format (MPEG-AAC, .mpg,.mov., Ogg Vorbis), set a custom price for your mix or album. They also offer the ability to make money off merchandising through their Bandcamp Merch store if someone wants that versatility.

Bandcamp may be more appropriate for DJs looking to get paid directly from fans by having them buy tracks/albums. At the same time, SoundCloud is better suited for those who want free promotional features with no strings attached so they can spend less time on marketing and focus on making new mixes instead.

Who should I target when selling my mixes online?

When selling DJ mixes online, it’s important to keep in mind who you’re you’re targeting. For example, suppose you want a large following of fans willing to purchase your mixes. In that case, Bandcamp may be better for you since they offer the ability to sell music directly from their site and make money off merchandising as well.

On the other hand, if you’re you’re looking for more free promotional features without worrying about marketing or making new mix content, SoundCloud is probably what will best suit your needs.

Another way to reach your targeted audience is through social media. On Facebook, for example, the audience can be targeted through ads and promoted posts to a specific age group or location where they live.

When it comes to Twitter, you’ll want to make sure that your feed is filled with tweets about upcoming mix releases so that people are always on the lookout for more new content from you in their feeds.

For marketing purposes, YouTube has been proven time and time again as one of the most popular websites for DJs promoting their mixes online. In addition, the site offers many different features, such as embedding music players into other sites, making sharing mixes more manageable than ever before!

This way, when someone sees your tracklisting (which should include both links and embedded videos), they will know exactly what song plays, how long it is, and can even purchase the mix if they want.

What are the benefits of selling your mixes online?

The benefits of selling your DJ mixes online are huge!

The ability to reach a much wider audience and make more money is just the beginning of how an online store can help you as a DJ. When people purchase your mixes, they support your music career, which means that every penny counts.

When it comes to finding new fans for your work, all while selling some merchandise or even tickets to future events- this is where social media marketing will come in handy.

For example, if someone buys one of your mix albums off iTunes, their friends might see the link on Facebook and then want to buy something too!

By using promo codes or discounts available through certain stores like Beatport, DJs can create an additional incentive for buying from them versus other places such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal.


Are DJ mixes copyrighted?

If you’re you’re playing your music, then it is not copyrighted. If you’re you’re remixing, adding your music and vocals to someone else’s song- in that case, the beat will be copyrighted but not the original track itself. One can purchase a license through ASCAP or BMI for a small fee to use other people’s people’s songs legally while DJing.

Can you monetize DJ mixes on YouTube?

Yes, you can monetize your DJ mixes through advertising on YouTube. But to monetize from the mix itself, you have to post music available on iTunes or Amazon.

How can I legally DJ stream?

To legally DJ stream, you can use SoundCloud. SoundCloud offers the ability for DJs to upload their mixes and stream them live.


Sell your DJ mixes online if you can. If you’ve been making mixtapes for years and have a large following, then it may be worth the time to sell them on iTunes or Spotify so that more people can enjoy them! This is especially true if you’re you’re not playing out as much anymore.

However, many other DJs will tell you they never sold their music because it was too difficult to do in the past. With services like SoundCloud Pro now available at reasonable prices, there’s no reason why any DJ should go without selling his or her work!