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the caretaker – an empty bliss beyond this world

An Empty Bliss Beyond This World is a great jazz album by The Caretaker. If you are someone who likes to listen to ambient music then this is the album for you. Pitchfork (An American Music Publication) has called this the 14th best ambient album of all time.

If you enjoy listening to ambient music then investing in the proper gear for listening to music such as this. Headphones are one of the key devices in any audiophile’s inventory and making sure that you pick the right ones for your music is very important.

Now there are many headphones in the market so you might be wondering – which is the right one for me? Well, most headphones tend to be very high on bass which can lower the clarity. This is why we recommend the best dj headphones on the market. These are designed for professional users which ensures that you get the best clarity without overpowered bass which is perfect for ambient music.