Keith Freund: Constant Comments LP

    Keith Freund: Constant Comments LP

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  • Artist: Keith Freund
    Label: Experimedia
    Cat No: EXPLP019LP

Constant Comments is the new solo outing by Keith Freund, one half of Akron Ohio based husband and wife duo Trouble Books. Reacting to the sounds around him, words said in passing, shards of birdsong, a glint of breeze, and kids at play, Freund stands at the center to create gentle meanderings to add as his part of the symbiotic conversation. The soothing sun is recorded alongside soft voices; the intake of a breath mixes with laughter of children. The album can be understood as a dialogue between the small moments occurring around us and our natural response within the ongoing discussion. Existing outside space and time, each rotation of the record brings the listener some place new or imagined, where beauty overwhelms, an everlasting hum envelops us, and we saunter along as present as we'll ever be.

Mastered by Taylor Deupree

*One half of Akron Ohio duo Trouble Books
*Recent collaborator with Emeralds member Mark McGuire
*One time member of the band Six Parts Seven
*Third tour of Europe in August 2011

Side A
Mont Boron
From Balch Street
Deep Shit Sunburn
Eye Colorism
He Noticed I'm Alive... and Other Hopeful Signs
The Ortzi

Side B
For Broke / Everything is Real!
Horses On Air
The Rectumless Flight Of Angels
For All Our Dead Pets
Is Anything Too Hard For God?


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