Jefre Cantu-Ledesma / Paul Clipson: Within Mirrors DVD

many artists within the realm of electronic and ambient music combine film with audio. rarely however, do we find such a highly singular and symbiotic merging of the two forms as occurs in the collaborative efforts between bay area filmmaker paul clipson and founding tarentel member/root strata label owner jefre cantu-ledesma. clipson and cantu have worked aside one another for years, with clipson often providing visuals for tarentel's live sets, and their history of working closely with each other is immediately apparent when viewing these collaborative works.

as a filmmaker, clipson's aesthetic draws heavily from a palette which includes and synthesizes the abstractions of the american avant-garde, such as stan brakhage, maya deren, and jonas mekas with narrative and formal tendencies from artists as diverse as chantal akerman, hiroshi teshigahara, and jose antonio sistiaga.

cantu-ledesma's scores run the gamut from bleary, post-shoegaze mantras, in which barely-there melodies are submerged with all manner electronically treated aural detritus, to hushed ambience that is almost eastern in its level of devotional pathos. combined, the sonic and visual elements of these works are at once overwhelming in their beauty, and supremely evocative in their ability to conjure for the viewer pure wonder at the beauty and frailty of the world around us.

this volume collects several of the out of print dvd-r releases that jefre has released on the root strata imprint over the past few years, including "two suns," "corridors," "the phantom harp," "the light and its perfections," and "constellations", along with two new works, the eponymous film and "the sphinx on the seine" on professional dvds with menu design by c. spencer yeh and artwork by jefre.

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