Isan: Eastside LP

    Isan: Eastside LP

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  • Artist: Isan
    Label: Kesh
    Cat No: KESH016LP

Eastside began life as part of an installation piece composed by Isan for "This is the gallery, and the gallery is many things", an evolving exhibition curated by Eastside Projects in Birmingham. Over the course of 9 weeks, a sonic environment emerged from ten speakers placed around the gallery, based on recordings made and tones generated within the gallery, only reaching its final form in the last two weeks. Elements of that installation form the basis of the tracks on this ep.

Side 1
Eastside – Isan

Side 2
Eastside Flame Attire mix - Simon Scott
Eastside Open Field mix - Taylor Deupree
Eastside Neben mix - Steinbrüchel

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