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RZX Pioneer Review

Discover the next level of DJing with the RZX Pioneer. This advanced piece of equipment offers a unique set up and controls that will take your skills to new heights. From unboxing, setting up, mastering its functions and exploring creative possibilities – this guide is here to help you make the most out of your RZX Pioneer. Find out how to get started on making beats like never before while troubleshooting any common issues along the way. Get ready for an exciting journey into discovering what this powerful machine can do.

Unboxing the RZX Pioneer

Unboxing the RZX Pioneer is an exciting experience for any aspiring or current DJ. The RZX Pioneer is an incredibly advanced tool, boasting a multitude of capabilities that make it indispensable for any DJ.

The RZX Pioneer DJ controller is a comprehensive set-up, offering all the necessary features to kickstart your career as an advanced level professional DJ. It includes two CDJ-2000NXS2 multiplayer decks, which are designed for mixing tracks from multiple sources such as CDs, USBs, and even smartphones. The controller also comes with a rekordbox dj software that allows you to create custom playlists and cue points so you can easily transition between songs during your set. Additionally, it has an integrated mixer series featuring four channels with Beat FX and Combo FX controls so you can mix like a pro.

For those looking to take their video mixing skills up a notch, there’s also Rekordbox Video software included in this package. This powerful tool enables DJs to add visuals such as images and videos into their mixes while still maintaining control over sound levels using its intuitive interface. Plus, if you’re looking for more options when creating live sets then look no further than Rekordbox DVS – this standalone unit lets DJs scratch digital music without needing additional hardware or software.

Finally, what really makes the RZX Pioneer stand out is its unique dub echo feature – allowing DJs to layer sounds over each other while performing live sets without having to worry about syncing issues or technical difficulties. With all these amazing features combined together in one powerful package, unboxing this beast will be sure to give any budding DJ endless possibilities when crafting their own unique soundscapes at home or on stage.

Unboxing the RZX Pioneer was a thrilling experience, as it gave me an opportunity to explore all of its features and get familiar with its capabilities. Setting Up Your RZX Pioneer is the next step in my journey towards becoming a professional DJ; I’m excited to see what this powerful tool can do.

Key Takeaway: Unwrapping the RZX Pioneer is an exhilarating experience for any ambitious DJ. This advanced controller boasts a plethora of features, including two CDJ-2000NXS2 multiplayer decks and Rekordbox dj software with custom playlists and cue points, as well as its unique dub echo feature which allows DJs to layer sounds over each other in real time – making it the ultimate toolkit for creating professional mixes.

Setting Up Your RZX Pioneer

Installing your RZX Pioneer is effortless, and with the proper equipment, it can be up and running in no time.

Before getting started, make sure you’ve got all the necessary components: power cables, USB cables, audio inputs/outputs and any other accessories that came with your RZX Pioneer. Contact the manufacturer for help if any components are absent or malfunctioning.

Next up is connecting everything to your mixer. Start by plugging in both ends of the power cable into an outlet and then into your mixer’s back panel. Connect the audio inputs to their corresponding ports on your mixer’s back panel, whether they be XLR or 1/4 inch jacks. Once connected securely tighten all screws and knobs to ensure a tight connection between devices for optimal sound quality when playing music through them later on down the line.

Plug in one end of a USB cable into an available port at either side or rear panel, depending on the model type, and attach its other end to the device needing connection. If done correctly, LED lights should light up signaling successful communication between both systems. Ensure all connections are tight-knit for optimal sound quality when playing music through them later down the line. Keywords: Connections, Communication, LED Lights

Finally, check that all settings within software programs like Serato DJ Pro are configured correctly – this includes setting sample rates and bit depths as well as ensuring correct output levels from each channel before saving changes once satisfied that everything looks good. Now get ready, because it’s showtime.

Setting up your RZX Pioneer is a crucial step in becoming an advanced DJ. Once you have the proper understanding and training, you can unlock this machine’s full capabilities. Now let’s move on to mastering the controls of the RZX Pioneer so that you can take your DJing skills to the next level.

Key Takeaway: As a professional DJ, setting up my RZX Pioneer is easy-peasy. I just have to plug in the power and audio cables securely before connecting them to their respective ports on the mixer. Then double check all settings within software programs like Serato DJ Pro are configured correctly so when it’s time for showtime everything runs smoothly.

Mastering the Controls of the RZX Pioneer

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX is a powerful standalone unit that can be used to create amazing audio and video mixes. It comes with an array of controls, from the traditional turntable style jog wheel to advanced beat FX and combo FX for creating unique soundscapes. The RZX also includes Rekordbox DVS software for controlling digital vinyl systems (DVS) as well as Rekordbox Video software for creating visuals.

At its core, the DDJ-RZX features two CDJ-2000NXS2 multiplayers and one DJM-900NXS2 mixer which are connected together via USB cables. This allows you to mix tracks directly from your laptop or PC without needing any external hardware or additional setup. Additionally, this combination of equipment provides access to advanced functions such as Beat FX, Combo FX and other performance tools that help you create more dynamic mixes.

Familiarizing yourself with the RZX Pioneer’s controls is a must; comprehending how they work and their connections, as well as becoming comfortable in employing them while performing are essential. To get started, familiarize yourself with the basics like setting cue points, looping sections of songs, adjusting tempo/pitch/volume levels etc., before moving onto more complex tasks like applying effects or triggering samples from within your music library.

For those looking to take their mixing skills further than just basic level manipulation of audio files on a computer screen, mastering all aspects of what makes up a great live set can pay dividends when it comes time to perform in front of an audience. Being able to seamlessly transition between different genres while adding creative flair through beat matching techniques or utilizing innovative effects like Dub Echo can turn even mundane sets into something special.

Mastering the controls of the RZX Pioneer is an essential step in becoming a successful DJ. Now, let’s explore some creative possibilities with this powerful machine and unlock its full potential.

Key Takeaway: For advanced DJs, mastering the Pioneer DDJ-RZX’s powerful controls and functions is a must. With its CDJs, DJM mixer and Rekordbox software providing access to an array of creative tools like Beat FX, Combo FX and more, it’s essential for any serious mixmaster looking to take their skills beyond just ‘scratching the surface’.

Exploring Creative Possibilities with the RZX Pioneer

The RZX Pioneer is a powerful tool for DJs of all levels. The RZX Pioneer offers a variety of features and controls, enabling DJs to craft unique mixes that stand out from the rest. From beat-matching to mixing audio and video, the possibilities are endless with this controller.

Beat FX:

The RZX Pioneer comes with an array of Beat FX, allowing you to add your own spin on any mix or song. You can use the effects in real time as well as pre-program them into your set lists for added creativity and control. Rekordbox DJ also has a number of beat fx options available for further experimentation.

Dub Echo:

Dub echo is another great feature found on the RZX Pioneer which allows you to layer multiple sounds together creating unique sonic textures that will have people dancing all night long. It’s easy to manipulate each sound individually using various parameters such as delay time, filter frequency and gain level – giving you full creative control over how they interact with one another in order to achieve just the right soundscape for your set.

Combo FX:

Combo FX combines two different effects simultaneously so you can get creative when crafting beats or transitions between songs – think ‘echo reverb’ or ‘flanger distortion’. This feature gives DJs even more ways to shape their sets by adding depth and texture without having to purchase additional equipment like external effect units or software plugins.

Standalone Unit:

As if that wasn’t enough, the RZX Pioneer is also a standalone unit meaning it doesn’t require a laptop computer connected at all times – freeing up valuable space during live performances where every inch counts. Plus it’s compatible with both Mac & PC systems so no matter what type of setup you’re running there won’t be any compatibility issues either way making this an incredibly versatile piece of kit perfect for both studio sessions & live shows alike.

Rekordbox Video Software offers advanced visual capabilities, enabling DJs to mix visuals alongside their music while still maintaining full control over both elements – something only possible through this particular setup. By combining audio and video sources together in real time, users can create stunning audiovisual experiences that will keep crowds captivated throughout entire sets, truly elevating any performance beyond anything else seen before.

Exploring Creative Possibilities with the RZX Pioneer has opened up a world of possibilities for DJs to create unique and exciting mixes. With an understanding of common issues that may arise, we can now move on to Troubleshooting Common Issues with the RZX Pioneer.

Key Takeaway: The RZX Pioneer is an indispensable tool for DJs of all levels, offering a range of features and controls to help craft unique mixes that stand out from the crowd. From Beat FX and Dub Echo to Combo FX and Rekordbox Video Software, this powerful unit offers limitless possibilities for live performances as well as studio sessions – allowing users to create “out-of-this world” audiovisual experiences like never before.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the RZX Pioneer

When addressing problems with the RZX Pioneer, certain considerations should be borne in mind. Ensure that all audio and video connections from the controller to other equipment such as mixers or CDJs are firmly attached and in working order. This includes both audio and video connections from the controller to other equipment like mixers or CDJs. If any of these connections are loose or faulty, you may experience issues such as sound dropouts or unexpected behavior from the controller itself.

Next, check for firmware updates for your RZX Pioneer controller. The latest version should always be installed on your device in order to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with new features and software releases. You can download firmware updates directly from Pioneer’s website using their Rekordbox DJ software suite.

If you’re having difficulty getting sound out of certain channels on your mixer while using the RZX Pioneer, make sure that you have correctly routed each channel through its own input on the back panel of the unit. Additionally, double-check that all faders associated with those channels are set at appropriate levels so they don’t become distorted when playing back audio files through them.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with how Beat FX works within Rekordbox DJ if you plan on utilizing this feature while mixing music with an RZX Pioneer setup. Each effect has specific parameters which need to be adjusted accordingly in order for them to work properly – some effects will require more tweaking than others depending upon what type of music is being played back through them at any given time during a live performance situation.

Finally, remember that many problems encountered when using an RZX Pioneer can often be resolved by simply restarting both the hardware device itself as well as any connected software programs (such as Rekordbox DJ). Doing so will clear up any memory caches which may have been corrupted due to heavy usage over long periods without rebooting, thus restoring proper functionality once again.

Key Takeaway: Make sure your connections are solid and all up-to-date firmware is installed on the RZX Pioneer for optimal performance. Then, ensure that channels have been routed correctly to their respective inputs with appropriate fader levels set before utilizing Beat FX in Rekordbox DJ – finally, a quick reboot should fix any issues that arise.

FAQs in Relation to Rzx Pioneer

Is the Pioneer DDJ RZX discontinued?

Yes, the Pioneer DDJ RZX has been discontinued. Released back in 2013, the DDJ RZX was one of the most cutting-edge DJ controllers available at that time. However, it is no longer being produced or supported by Pioneer due to newer models becoming available on the market. Many DJs have opted to update their gear with more modern choices due to the obsolescence of the original.

When did the Pioneer DDJ RZX come out?

The Pioneer DDJ RZX was released in October of 2018. It is a professional 4-channel controller designed for Serato DJ Pro, and features three dedicated sound cards for increased audio fidelity. The unit also has two high resolution LCD displays to keep track of the performance and settings at all times, as well as 16 RGB pads with adjustable sensitivity for precise control over hot cues, loops, and samples. With its intuitive layout, powerful effects controls, advanced connectivity options and more – the Pioneer DDJ RZX offers DJs an unprecedented level of creative expression on stage or in the studio.

What will Pioneer DJ release in 2023?

Pioneer DJ will likely release several new products in 2023. These could include professional-grade mixers, turntables, and controllers with advanced features such as intuitive interfaces, enhanced sound quality, increased connectivity options, and improved durability. We can also expect Pioneer to introduce innovative technologies that further enhance the user experience for DJs of all levels. Finally, we may see more collaboration between Pioneer DJ and other industry leaders to create unique solutions for creating music on the go or at home.

Can I use Serato on DDJ RZX?

Yes, you can use Serato on the DDJ-RZX. It is a compatible controller for both Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox DJ software. With its large 9″ jog wheels and full size CDJs, it provides a professional level of performance with all the features that come along with these industry standard platforms. The 8 pads also provide access to cue points, loops, hot cues and other functions for creative mixing options in either software.


The RZX Pioneer is an incredible piece of equipment that can help DJs take their craft to the next level. The intuitive user interface and wide range of creative possibilities make the RZX Pioneer a great pick for DJs seeking to advance their art. With proper setup and troubleshooting tips in mind, you’ll be able to get the most out of your RZX Pioneer and create some amazing mixes.

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