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Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 Review [2022]

Hercules has come up with a very interesting DJ controller – the DJ Control Wave M3. Many things are cool about it, starting from the Bluetooth wireless technology, to the rechargeable battery.

This wireless DJ controller was made to be used fast and easily. It’s meant to be used with an iPad, with an easy setup that will have you running in less than five minutes. Let’s dig into the topic and see what’s so special about this unit.

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3: Overview

The Wave M3 is a magnificent, modern DJ controller that can meet all of your needs. It was named after its shape, which is all curvy and reminds you of actual waves. It’s compact, small, and super easy to transport.

The main reason is to DJ using your iPad, although the Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 is suitable for both iOS or Android, Mac or PC. You can connect your laptop or computer with a simple USB connection. To run it on a PC you need at least a Windows 7 operating system.

On the top of the unit, there is a support stand angle where you can place your iPad and have everything set for your performance. Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 completely relies on wireless technology. 

Everything is connected via Bluetooth – the control unit, the iPad, and the speakers. The best thing about it is that they don’t have to be joined together, but you can leave the pieces some 30 feet apart, and the signal will not be lost.

The 2-deck DJ controller has a high-quality, built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for 8 hours. That’s enough to keep you going for a whole shift and the after performance. To recharge it, you need only four hours.

DJ Control Wave M3 has an elegant interface, with two clear and perfectly placed jog wheels with capacitive touch, accompanied by the basic control buttons and knobs. It’s all very intuitive and made in a way to be ready for use even by someone that has never seen a DJ set before.

It runs on a very good DJ mixing software – DJUCED. It’s made for professionals, meaning that it comprises everything a pro would need to create a good mix. At the same time, it’s intuitive and great for beginners.

The unit is USB-powered, coming with a cable USB Charger 5. The Wave M3 is compatible with all the famous MIDI DJ software programs such as Traktor or Virtual DJ

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3: The Likes

The Control Wave M3 DJ Controller is rich in good features and specifications. It’s an inspirative unit made of quality materials, combined with great software. Let’s go over the best sides of the DJ controller.


Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 has a curvy and elegant look. The designers focused on a minimalistic approach and made everything to be right where it should be. You don’t need anything more on the surface of a unit.

The jog wheels are quite big and made of metal. They are subtly backed by blue LED lighting, giving it the final touch. All this placed on a shape depicting a wave. Overall, it’s a very elegant model that looks good on anyone.

Each of the decks has three EQ knobs, a pitch fader, while as you probably assume, the crossfader is located in the bottom middle part of the unit. Below the platters, you will find the play-and-pause button, as well as the cue and sync buttons.

Effects and other controls, such as loop or sampler, are located in the upper part of Wave M3. Most of the job is done on the mixing software or app.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth wireless technology is flawless with Hercules DJ Control Wave M3. Although the mixing app cannot be launched until placed on the unit, you can easily move it 33 feet away from the DJ controller.

The presence of a wireless controller gives you a sense of freedom on the stage. You can freely walk around and interact with the audience while still being in control of the set. Going wireless also means no boring cables that you have to untangle or watch for so you don’t trip on.

The only cable you’ll get (apart from the USB one for charging) is the splitter cable which will allow you to preview the tracks on your headphones. However, the Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology will ensure that the devices have fast and firm communication. It’s basically flawless.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

The most important feature of the DJ Control Wave M3 is the built-in rechargeable battery which gives you the biggest support during your performance.

Its durability is quite insane knowing that it works with a wireless controller which is always running, playing tracks, and is under high pressure most of the time. When fully charged, it can play up to 8 hours. You need half that time to charge it again until full.

It’s a lithium-ion battery which is the most popular choice for a rechargeable battery. It’s in wide use in technology, and its popularity in the military industry has grown lately. These batteries can be recharged hundreds and hundreds of times and still be safe and secure.

Mixing Software

As mentioned before, the Wave M3 DJ controller is a cross-platform unit. It can be used on a Mac or PC, but also on an iPad or tablet. Of course, based on the type of device you’re using, the choice of DJ software will vary.

The DJUCED mixing software was developed by Hercules and is divided into two versions. There is the DJW for iPad or tablet, while for Mac or PC, you’ll probably want to download DJUCED 40. Both are free to download but will offer you paid upgrades.

DJUCED 40 For macOS & Windows

Hercules developed DJ software to be used on your laptop or even desktop computer if you don’t want to use an iPad. Of course, in the case you’re using a tablet, you would have to get the app suitable for it.

DJUCED is a well-developed software that will have you going in no time. This one can help you grow. It’s suitable for beginners, but also good enough for an actual gig. Their website contains all the information you might need regarding the software or controller.

It’s smart software with smart features that will make DJing easier while still teaching you the basics. Hercules organizes the so-called DJ Academy that all DJUCED users can attend. The classes are held by professional DJs and are quite informative.

Intelligent Music Assistant

One of the biggest DJing nightmares is when the moment for a new track arrives but you haven’t been able to cue the next song yet! This happens to everyone, from rookies to pros, and the key is not to panic and use the help your software offers.

In this case, the Intelligent Music Assistant is here to help you when you most need it. DJUCED likes to call this feature your personal music selector, and that’s the right way to put it.

To activate it, open your DJ software, and on the right end of the browser, hit the assistant panel. It will show you the best tracks that match the one that is currently playing, at any given moment.

This is also known as the panic button in other controllers. But, how do we know that these are the “best” solutions?

Well, the creators obviously built many algorithms that they used to create a tool that will detect the “best” songs for the moment. The assistant can be used directly from the Wave M3 DJ controller, as you will easily recognize the buttons.

The software uses colors to describe the energy level of a song. For example, blue means that the song is rather slow and not so “danceable”. On the other hand, red means that the track is hot and carries a lot of energy with it.

You customize where the assistant will look for music. You can select your whole library, or just the one currently playing. You can set the energy level you want, and leave the DJ software to do the rest. This will save you a lot of time during a performance.

Song Analysis

Another feature that will facilitate DJing for you is the song analysis tool. DJUCED analyzes tracks according to their speed or BPM (beats per minute), energy level, or how danceable the song is, and the tone of the track, meaning in which key the song is.

To achieve harmonic mixing, you should mix songs that are either in the same key or /- 1 in key number. As for BPM, make sure you’re mixing tracks that have either the same BPM number or are within a 5% difference.

Beatgrid Correction

After the software has conducted the analysis, it will create a beat grid that will fall on the first beat of the song. However, sometimes even after analysis, some things might be off. Luckily for you, you can correct the beatgrid in DJUCED.

To change the beatgrid position, you have to click on the number of the deck you’re playing, for example, 1. Then, you go edit beatgrid and manually set the first beat of the song using your mouse to scroll through the beatgrid.

The beat is often used as a synonym for a kick drum which is the instrument that keeps the beat. However, in DJ terms, you know what beat means. In your DJ software, they will be marked with red and it will be clear that these parts of the songs are drums due to the intensity.

After identifying the first beat, you click on Set First Beat right beneath the deck number. To be more precise in identifying, you can zoom in on the waveforms. After this process, your track will start on the first beat, and all loops or effects will be applied correctly.


If you’re going to use DJ Control Wave M3 the “proper” way, i.e. with an iPad or tablet, you’ll have to download the DJUCED app from Apple Store or Google Play. Very similar to the mixing software, the app offers most of the features.

It’s a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use app. It’s very user-friendly as the developers have made everything to be clear for beginners.

It has unique waveforms, comprising three colors, each representing one frequency – bass, mid, or treble. If you make adjustments to the song via the equalizers, the waveforms will change colors accordingly.

This is something that you won’t find even with Serato and gives you great information about your track. The app will also analyze the BPM of the track, i.e. the rhythm or speed, so you can have two suitable tracks mixed together.

The reason I find this app to be very user-friendly is the ease of finding all the features. They are situated at your fingertips, right in the app’s DJ toolbar, as all of the icons are intuitive and close to the iconic panel. 

The Browser

One of the better aspects of the app is the smart browser which allows you easy access to your iTunes library or playlists that you’ve stored on the platform. 

The Smart Search option will allow you to sort and find your songs based on genre, artist, title, or BPM. This option will allow you to quickly find the track you need at the moment.

Apart from having the already played songs marked, so you don’t bother the crowd with the same song twice, you will get suggestions for the next song as well.


Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 is a controller that’s supposed to be used with an iPad attached to it. That’s why the app takes full advantage of this and makes the effects and features accessible using touch technology.

When applying effects, you choose it and then scroll with your finger on the screen to trigger it. That’s how you would measure the intensity of the effect as well. It offers loop and scratching right at your fingertips.

The DJ app includes three hot cues, which represent a moment in the track that you want to mark and trigger when you feel it’s the right time. This is a bit less than the usual four you’d get with most software or even eight with the high-end ones. But, it will do the trick.

The best thing about it is that you have tutorials for every step that might still be unclear on their website.

Connectivity Options

One of the biggest selling points of Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 is the flexible connectivity it provides. You don’t need a special setting or surrounding to start DJing. All you need is the will to do it and a fully charged battery.

The point is that you are free with the Control Wave M3, there are no boundaries or limitations. There is no problem if you’re a Mac user or a Windows one if you’re an Android person or an iPhone-head. Phone, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac, you name it, Wave 3 will support it.

Of course, if you opt for a laptop you’d have to hook it up with a USB cable. But, even that is so simple. There is not one aspect of Wave 3 that complicates stuff. Otherwise, everything is connected via wireless technology.

The DJ Control Wave M3, the iPad, as well as the monitor speakers, are connected using Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology. This technology falls under the category of fast transmitters which guarantees quick communication with the other devices.

Even cooler than that is the fact that you can walk away for 33 feet and the signal will not be lost. This wireless controller truly keeps the connection which only tells you how free you can be on the stage.

You can also choose to go hybrid and use both an iPad and a laptop. If you’re just practicing in your bedroom, you can swap your tablet for your smartphone and chill a bit while still mixing tracks from your bed.

Compact Design

It’s clearly visible that the makers have put some thought into the design. Everything on it is on point and there is very little that someone could potentially argue. Not only is this design compact, but it is also complete, which is even more important.

The Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 controller is not just a pretty face with its curves and elegance – it works great. Still, it’s quite well-made. The way it feels on your hands tells you everything. It’s light like a feather, only 3.3 lbs, but very firm and durable.

Those of you that have been spinning for a while know how important the weight of a piece of hardware is. Sometimes you have to run from one part of town to another within one hour. That’s when you appreciate a light and compact DJ controller on your back.

But the elegance is seen in the way the interface was designed. I fell in love with the jog wheels and their shape, plus the fact that they’re with capacitive touch. The size is just about enough, going for 3.9” in diameter.

What Could Be Better

Honestly, there isn’t much that could be put on this list. Sure, like any product, it’s not a perfect one. I’ll try and sum up all the stuff I think could’ve been done to make the DJ Control Wave M3 an even better piece of DJ gear.

I have to say that it’s kind of disappointing that only three cue points are available for you. You will probably use one for the first beat of the track, and then you’re left with only two special songs to choose from.

You’ll hear people say that it’s enough for beginners, but I think that the Wave M3 can be used on smaller parties and other professional venues, too. However, I wouldn’t say that this is a tragedy, but it’s something I would change to at least up to four cued tracks.

Another thing that I noticed is that the knobs and buttons are not so firm, unlike the whole construction, which is very strong. When I put a second thought to it, I always work the faders with some sort of precaution. That’s probably the place where they made cuts, and I think it shows.

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3: Buyer’s Guide

Even if you’re so amazed by the Hercules DJ controller, there are some steps that you have to do before you make up your mind. Buying DJ gear takes time and you have to be absolutely patient in order to go home with the right equipment.

Compare Other Options

Don’t get the first thing you like in the store. This Hercules DJ controller might be great, I sure did put in a lot of nice words about it, but remember that the market has endless options. Try to control your excitement and take some time to scroll through other reviews.

The most important thing I’d say is to know yourself and your needs. This will lead you to a way of thinking where you will not spend money on a controller that you can’t even use properly. That’s why it’s important to know if this is a hobby, a job, or a life call for you.

In 2022, the internet is full of people leaving reviews, others filming tutorials, and plus the audience is also contributing by liking and grading. Visit a few forums, and see if some other DJ controller made your first pick look lame.

Do The Math

People often make the mistake of setting an amount of money that they think they should spend on a DJ controller, and then buy one in the exact same price range they initially planned. This is wrong.

Instead, you should set as a goal what you expect to get from a controller. The price will come naturally once you find the unit that meets your expectations. You’d be surprised how many options there are and that you can get what you want for far less money than what you thought.

Consult A Friend

This is something that everyone should consider regardless of how many hours they’ve spent behind the platters. Surely all of you have someone who will give you their side of the story, and maybe force you to consider some decisions.

It has happened very often that you love a particular item due to an element you’ve seen in them. You could be easily dissuaded by someone who has used the product in question before and has found out that it’s nothing special.

Just consider these factors next time you go out for some DJ equipment shopping.

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3: Conclusion

After all that’s been said, I hope that you have a clearer picture of Hercules DJ Control Wave M3. It’s a simple but comprehensive hardware unit, and you should come back to this and other articles a couple of times to truly understand everything regarding this 2-deck DJ controller.

Let’s wrap it up with a quick summary.

Hercules DJ Control Wave is a light and elegant controller, which is compact and easy to carry around. It has nice touch-sensitive jog wheels that will have you scratching in no time. In the background, there is LED lighting that indicates song information.

Everything is connected via Bluetooth wireless technology that connects the console, iPad, and speakers. They don’t have to be close to one another to work, as you can go as far as 33 feet from the DJ Control Wave M3.

You can use it on your Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. You can even combine them by connecting your laptop with a USB cable, and connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Control Wave M3 comprises a rechargeable battery that can run for eight hours straight and only needs four hours to fully recharge.

There is an app and mixing software working with the Hercules DJ Control Wave M3, depending on the device you use. Free to download and easy to use, the app is more than enough to get you started and to keep you covered at your first gigs.

The software contains all the elements needed such as a smart browser, library assistant, sync effects, and so on. If you need some help with the software, there are tutorials online that will assist you. Check in the text above to find out more.

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3: FAQ

What’s The Best DJ Controller To Start With?

The Hercules DJ Control Wave M3 is certainly a good option for beginners. However, there are other good options for a higher price, such as Pioneer DDJ-400, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, or Traktor Kontrol S2.

What Should A Beginner DJ Buy?

This depends on the kind of DJ you’re striving to be. If you want to be a classic one, then you need two turntables, a mixer, an audio interface, and a laptop. However, you can always go fully digital or even wireless, like opting for the Control Wave.