Die Schachtel

3/4hadbeeneliminated: Oblivion CD

This is the fourth album and long-awaited return of Italian quartet 3/4HadBeenEliminated. The group (guitarist/double bassist Stefano Pilia, turntablist/sound assembler Claudio Rocchetti, tape manipulator/vocalist/guitarist Valerio Tricoli and percus more info

7k Oaks: Entelechy CD

This is the second full-length album by the experimental/free-jazz quartet 7k Oaks, live-recorded in concert at the InterAct Festival in Hasselt. This new release is at the same time a confirmation of their musical background as well as an exploratio more info

Agostino Di Scipio/John Cage: Musical Sculptures and Other Devices CD

A sonic journey into John Cage and surroundings by renowned Italian composer Agostino di Scipio and his talented students. On December 9th, 2012, upon invitation from the Associazione Scarlatti, Agostino di Scipio and his students at the San Pietro a more info

Alessandro Bosetti: Exposé CD

"Based on a series of 33 musical ideas written, printed, framed and 'exposed' in a recent installation in Milan, Exposé is the first of a new cycle of works as well as the result of Alessandro Bosetti's fascination with speech loops. The mesmerizing more info

Alvin Curran: Live In Roma Book

Although Alvin Curran is almost universally recognized as one of the leading figures of the late 20th century musical avant-garde, he has never received the recognition he deserves in the form of a proper publication. This is, in fact, the first book more info

Angelo Petronella: Rimandi E Scoperte CD

Long-awaited new album by the enigmatic Italian composer and sound artist Angelo Petronella, in a superb piece of electroacoustic microsound, intertwining scrupulous minimalism, environmental recordings, and an intense glacial drone nebula. Angelo Pe more info

Angelo Petronella: Sintesi Da Un Diario CD

"Angelo Petronella has been working as a composer and sound artist for many years, and has developed a very personal vision on the narrative qualities of acousmatics, which he pursues with millimetric precision and obsessive passion. In Sintesi da un more info

Arke Sinth: Arke Sinth LP

Studio and live recordings, May/June 1973. Arke Sinth documents the brief and intense life of a group formed at the beginning of the 1970s within the fertile and stimulating cultural environment of the town of Padua (Italy), where electroacoustic and more info

Art Fleury: I Luoghi Del Potere CD

"Art Fleury was born in Brescia, Northern Italy, in the mid-'70s. They were still in their teens when they had the opportunity to open for the group Area at the famous Parco Lambro Festival in Milan (1976), in front of fifty thousand people. In the f more info

Attila Faravelli: Underneath The Surface CD

2009 release. Since the very first notes, this music appears to be about memory, decay and subversion. It is a deep investigation on the ability of sounds to freely attract or reject each other, in accordance with their own nature and disposition, an more info

Bachi Da Pietra: Non Io CD

"Bachi da Pietra ('The stone worms') is a two-men band whose dark and resonating music wraps around tunes of desolate candor and lyrics (in Italian) as dark and imaginative as broken love can be. A relentless drumming hovers over a huge wash of ride more info

Christa Pfangen: Watch Me Getting Back The End CD

"Christa Pfangen are Andrea Belfi and Mattia Coletti. The name is an homage to Nico, although the music has obviously no relation with the icon of the New York avant garde scene. They belong to the new electroacoustic/improv/avant-rock scene which is more info

Christina Kubisch: On Air CD

"A spectacular all-transparent Audio/multimedia CD (a reprint of the 1984 cassette-only private release). A final and comprehensive document on the series of installations named 'On Air' or 'Magnetic Air' which C. Kubisch exhibited in Italy and Europ more info

Ensemble Dissonanzen: Dissonanzen 5CD BOX

When the Ensemble Dissonanzen asked Die Schachtel in 2013 to publish a massive retrospective edition of some of their most representative works to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the label knew it would be a challenge. They were -- and still are -- more info

Fabio Selvafiorita & Valerio Tricoli: Death By Water CD

This is a four-handed musique concrète composition by electroacoustic Italian composers Fabio Selvafiorita and Valerio Tricoli. This single-track piece was conceived and realized between Milan and the Giudecca Island, in Venice, which is the locatio more info

Fabrizio Casti/Elio Martusciello: Chamber Rites CD

"Chamber Rites is an encounter based on sharing emotions, on audio-visual exchange, on the practice of radical improvisation, characterized by a location or context, of which we define a part of its mobile architecture. Ours is a ritual whose coordin more info

Francesco Giomi: Con Brio - Musica Acusmatica CD

Francesco Giomi is one of the most active Italian composers in the field of acousmatic music. Over the years, he has also collaborated as sound director and live performer with Luciano Berio and other important composers and directors, as well as Ita more info

Giovanni Di Domenico/Jim O'rourke: Arco LP

2016 repress. Starting with this release (despite the fact that its catalog number numerically precedes ZEITC 017CD), Die Schachtel switches its Zeit Composers series to the vinyl format and begins opening up to international artists besides the usua more info

Girolamo De Simone: Shama CD

2008 release. Composer and performer Girolamo De Simone emerged from the "new avant-garde" scene which arose in Naples in the late '70s around his "maestro" Luciano Cilio. De Simone in fact played several parts on Cilio's highly-acclaimed 2004 releas more info

Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza: Azioni/Reazioni 1967-1969 5LP BOX/DVD

Standard LP version. Includes five LPs, DVD, and book; Edition of 500. The year 2007 saw one of the most remarkable findings in the long treasure-hunting history of Die Schachtel: the complete set of recordings of the early manifestation (1967-1969) more info

Gruppo Nps: Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965-1972 CD BOX

The NPS -- Nuove Proposte Sonore (trans. "New Sound Proposals") group was founded in Padua (Italy) in 1964 by the composer Teresa Rampazzi, together with the visual artist Ennio Chiggio. Working with analogical devices, they produced some of the most more info

Luigi Archetti: Null CD

Die Schachtel presents an album by Switzerland-based composer, experimenter, guitarist and visual artist Luigi Archetti. Null is a monolithic, sinister and doomy drone masterpiece. Oscillating in filigree nuances, the modulation of a drone that seems more info

Luigi Archetti: Null II/Null III 2CD

Null II and Null III are the second and third part of Italian/Swiss composer Luigi Archetti's massive electronic work on the theme of "nothing" ("Null"), whose first part saw the light with the 2010 Die Schachtel "Null" edition in the ZeitComposers s more info

Luigi Archetti: Null IV-VII 4CD BOX

Epic in scale, static, timbre, and stillness, Null is a vast and profound musical project that Luigi Archetti has been pursuing over a long period. His musical research is not about "null" (the German word for "zero") as a mathematical object, as a r more info

Manuel Zurria: Landscape with Tears CD

Italian flute player Manuel Zurria presents his third release for Die Schactel's Zeit Composer Series, continuing his run of some of the most heartbreaking music ever published by the label. A moving and incredibly clever transcription for flutes, gl more info

Mario Bertoncini: Arpe Eolie CD

Deluxe silver CD box edition, silver-foil design, complete with a 64-page booklet in Italian and English. One of the most adventurous composers and performers of the Italian avant garde scene, member of the Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, more info

Mario Bertoncini: Arpe Eolie LP

Arpe Eolie is the first ever vinyl release of the works by Italian maestro Mario Bertoncini, relentless experimental composer, philosopher, artist and builder of sounds. The LP presents a selection of his compositions for Aeolian constructions: in th more info

Martino Traversa: Critical_Path CD

Martino Traversa is a very well-known Italian composer who studied at Salzburg's Mozarteum, at the CCRMA at Stanford University and with Luigi Nono from 1987 to 1989. Critical_Path presents for the first time ever a selection of his electronic music more info

Nicola Ratti: 220 Tones CD

The Die Schachtel label presents a work that points out a crucial turning point in the artistic life of the well-known Italian guitarist and composer Nicola Ratti. In 220 Tones, Nicola Ratti chooses to play instruments that cannot live without electr more info

Osvaldo Coluccino: Dimensioni CD

Osvaldo Coluccino follows his well-received 2010 contribution to Die Schachtel's Zeit Composer Series, Neuma Q (ZEITC 004CD), with a collection of his early (1997-2007) electroacoustic pieces. From the dark drones of "Dimensioni" (interspersed with t more info

Osvaldo Coluccino: Neuma Q CD

The new addition to the Die Schachtel Composers series, Osvaldo Coluccino's Neuma Q is an utter immersion into the purest electronic sound, exploring a broad spectrum of electroacoustic phenomena, low-end drone, magically-constructed and sequenced in more info

Philip Corner & Manuel Zurria: Joy Flashings CD

A joyful product of mutual understanding between these two outstanding composers, described by Manuel Zurria in the booklet with the following words: "Philip gave me the key to enter a secret and wonderful room, full of fabulous things and made me di more info

Pietro Grossi: Combinatoria 2CD BOX

A comprehensive guide to the core recordings of one of the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical musicians from Italy, this 2CD box deluxe edition captures Pietro Grossi's original vision, presenting a wide selection of his studio earl more info

Prima Materia: Prima Materia 2LP BOX

Limited repress. This deluxe double-LP box set commemorates the tenth anniversary of Die Schactel's 2005 CD reissue of Prima Materia's La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, and marks the first vinyl edition of the album since its original 1977 relea more info

Teresa Rampazzi: Images for Diana Baylon LP

The long and mesmerizing single piece of analog electronic music that develops over the two sides of Images for Diana Baylon (1972), the latest Die Schachtel "Silver Series" LP is a soundscape composed by Teresa Rampazzi for the artist Diana Baylon's more info

Thollem Mcdonas & Stefano Scodanibbio: On Debussy's Piano And... CD

Die Schachtel is proud to present a recording that embodies the virtuosity of piano soloist/composer Thollem McDonas and contrabass soloist/composer Stefano Scodanibbio, in the spirit of Claude Debussy's rebellious creativity. As Terry Riley wrote: " more info

VA: Musica Improvvisa 10CD BOX+DVD

Musica Improvvisa is a cutting-edge project of multi-sensorial improvisation, an open dialogue among different musical experiences, narratives and aesthetics that charters the unexplored soundscape of the telluric territory of the new improvised musi more info

VA: Prix Italia 6CD BOX/BOOK

Subtitled: The Prix Italia And The Radiophonic Experimentation. Deluxe boxed edition -- 6CD + 400-page book in Italian and English. Edited by Angela Ida De Benedictis and Maddalena Novati. After five years of intense, passionate and sometimes painful more info