Rrose X Tujurikkuja: Omertà 12\"

    Rrose X Tujurikkuja: Omertà 12"

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  • Artist: Rrose X Tujurikkuja
    Label: Eaux
    Cat No: EAUX891EP

Rrose draws a jagged line back to California to bring you an extended analogue improvisation by Tujurikkuja, the duo of Chris Dixon (Death Sentence Panda!, Murder Murder, Earth Jerks, etc.) and Joshua Kit Clayton (~scape, Orthlorng Musork, etc.). Pressed at 45 RPM, recommended listening at 33. On the flip side, Rrose provides a sweeping dancefloor revision.

From Jim Haynes (The Wire):

"Tujurikkuja have found themselves in a very interesting zone of analogue sibilance, waveform transmission and ferric rhythmic pulse. Chris Dixon and Johsua Kit Clayton have quipped about their project being "ambient nihilism" and there are threads connecting their dilated industrial dub to the Californian dystopias revealed through Factrix and Thought Broadcast. Yet for all the naysaying that is rampant in the current cultural dialogue of the Bay Area, Dixon and Clayton let an undercurrent of optimism crack through the malaise."

Tujurikkuja - live at Operators 6/14/14 here :: https://vimeo.com/985x20805 / EAUX.RO ...

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