HUSBand & Knife: An End LP

Husband & Knife songs are earnest and soulful, at times evoking the spirit of powerful forces like Nick Drake, the young Paul Westerberg and even Johnny Cash in his darkest moments. But as with most worthwhile songwriters, KC Spidle is an artist of his own design, essentially crafting honest songs to make sense of a fucked up life. He has always gone right to the bottom, exploring themes of suicide, poverty, alcoholism, and drug abuse. An End chronicles the latest chapter--a hard separation and the ensuing fight against spiritual meltdown.

This LP had been in the works for awhile. Although KC spent most of the previous year touring with his band Dog Day, he managed to record dozens of versions of the album and scrap as many songs. Unlike the naked guitar and vocal approach of his debut effort Welcome Back to the Nothingness of Your Life, on An End, KC carefully crafts each song using multiple instruments, found sounds and objects, field records, and a pile of makeshift recording gear. His obsessive approach has produced a record which blends sound and song to beautifully capture yet another shadowy passage of time. Art by Halifax's Rachael Parsons. Includes a download card. Edition of 500 copies.

"Good label/band name match! K.C. Spidle is of Canadian extract and, like his countrymen the Constantines, he's exceptionally good at couching a large bummer vibe in songs whose acoustic riff-logic hangs together like Spider-Man's webbing without ever a) wandering into, I dunno, something Jack Johnson might try to cover, or b) the I'm deep! amorphous unplugged meander that seems to curse so many well-meaning young men these days. Doesn't hurt that the bummer vibe finds our man down a very deep well that he can articulate better than most. You took the keys from me/because I laugh too loud, nails a tense moment in any evening out as well or better than anyone. Assuming this jobless (Job), boozing (pick one) depressive is alive to make it, I await the next record. 500 mopey copies." Still Single / Dusted

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