Faten Kanaan: Pleiade Hex 6 LP

Since releasing her debut last year, (the fabulously received and super quick-selling “The Botanist & The Archaeologist”), Faten’s star has shone brightly and earlier this year she collaborated on the killer “The Darkest Wave” 45 w/ Pye Corner Audio- which sold through three pressings and is mooted as one of 2017’s best singles. The new album builds on this momentum, and comprises, in Faten’s own words: “Several -mostly instrumental- 'suites' that are narrative in nature. Cyclical patterns are central to the compositions: exploring harmony and counterpoint as they ebb & are reincarnated, and the perpetual return to the heart/core. Through the circling patterns, the album honours the return to the youthful spirit: of embracing naive romanticism, gut feelings, and strength of vision. Loosely inspired by medieval canons/rounds and Baroque structures, the album hovers between ambient electronic experimentations and semi-classical traditions. Relying mostly on a single analogue synthesizer, each section either sets a scene or plays a character - whether it's dancing across a stage, running through a forest, emerging from underwater, or languidly drifting through portals”. A wonderful record, sure to sell out real quick. It is released this September on vinyl only by Polytechnic Youth.