Betacicadae: Mouna CD

    Betacicadae: Mouna CD

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  • Artist: Betacicadae
    Label: Elegua
    Cat No: ELE017CD


*Includes immediate download.* Out of nowhere (at least to me), comes this debut album by Betacicadae, presented as a painstakingly assembled edition on the Elegua imprint. Betacicadae is the nom de plume of Kevin Scott Davis who has concocted a superlative suite of recordings culled from a wide range of instrumentation including, we're told, "guitars (electric, bass, lap steel), wood flute, vibraphone, harp, violin, percussion, synthesizers, effects pedals, and digital software." The album opens with "Pahoa," a sort of looming mass of held, billowing tones and subtle field recordings. It's quite lovely and immediately offers the listener transport into the rich sonic world that awaits him. The piece develops slowly, with a beautiful, elegiac melody that recalls perhaps "October Language"-era Belong and deepens with each pass. "Gold Country" is another highlight, with field recordings and bowed and plucked guitars slowly orbiting one another before whirling together into pure white light. Closing with choral vocals and coiling drone clouds, "Mouna" is a quite lovely listen, one which instills me with a firm sense of place and a type of implacable nostalgia. Recommended. – Alex Cobb, Experimedia
*Instant download included.* Painstakingly assembled during more than two years of spiritual struggle and rebirth by multi-instrumentalist Kevin Scott Davis, ‘betacicadae: mouna’ is a lush, transcendental musical narrative. Unusually broad spectra of textures make the album consummately modern, albeit in way that extends far beyond formula like “drone” or “field recordings.” The sounds absorb, project, embrace, and comfort the listener in imaginary geography—surreal, dreamlike spaces beween earth and otherworldliness. ‘mouna’ is an intimate personal statement, but also a universal musical narrative of redemption. Source material for each track began with field recordings: a farm in Oregon, a rainforest in Hawaii, different cities. An array of acoustic and electronic sounds were generated from scratch: instruments included guitars (electric, bass, lap steel), wood flute, vibraphone, harp, violin, percussion, synthesizers, effects pedals, and digital software.

Elegua Records is proud to present this debut release by betacicadae. Beginning with photographic images by Davis, the design, printing, and construction of the album’s physical editions are approached with the care and depth of feeling that the music deserves. Taking the label’s handmade DIY approach to limited editions a step further, clear vinyl and compact disc editions of 100 will include one-of-a-kind screen printed, stamped, and individually numbered inserts and transparencies. The physical editions will also include a unique download code with access to high-quality digital files of the album and bonus material.

beta: obsolete magnetic tape, a second version, something lowly
ciacada: strange and humble insect that emanates beautiful sound
mouna: practice of silence, wish, revelation.

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