Alejandro Franov: Suspendido En El Aire CD

    Alejandro Franov: Suspendido En El Aire CD

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  • Artist: Alejandro Franov
    Label: Spekk
    Cat No: KK033CD

We are proud to announce a work by Alejandro Franov to be released on SPEKK for the first time. Franov is the key figure of the Argentinean experimental music, who has previously released around 10 albums. He is also known as the producer for the early Juana Molina albums.

"Suspended in the air" is his latest work which was recorded at his house in Buenos Aires in July 2016. This talented multi-instrumentalist sings and plays different instruments according to each albums such as piano, guitar and numerous ethnic instruments, but on this album, he is using only one sound from his piano keyboard, thus it’s a mono timbral piece.

He explains this unique album as follows, “I tried to simulate an inhuman sound, like a sound becom- ing from the exterior of the Universe, as if it were a galactic pianola played by itself. I intended to invent a genre as if it were not created by a person. That's why I attempted experiental tunings, modifying or challenging the traditional distances of intervals; it would be technically be microtonal music. The sequences heard on the disc are inside of the sound of the synthesis. The inner enveloping of the sound produces a circulation and movement, but I did not used any midi sequence. I like to get the pace, to arrive to the rhythm, and to the inside of the sound.”

One might recall Terry Riley’s “A rainbow in curved air” for the infinite minimal sound, and when you listen to these 6 tracks at a closer distance, you will feel the weight of his introspective emotions, and the sounds gradually sinking into your heart and mind.

Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama.

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