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About Us

Experimedia is a product of hard work and determination aimed towards providing our viewers with the best DJ equipment.

Our buying guides are written after rigorous research and we test all the equipment beforehand. Furthermore, we analyze the latest DJ trends with nothing but dedication to helping you find the right equipment. Our goal is to be as authentic as we can in our reviews so that you can find the perfect fit for your next DJ gig.?

We stay in touch with the top DJs in the game to write the most candid reviews. Here at Experimedia, we understand the art of DJing and how important it is for you to steal the show. And therefore, we prioritize the quality of sound over everything.?

Bring your A-game to all your gigs going forward. We admire honesty and so we instill it into our buying guides. The most essential elements of writing our reviews are to value your performance, sound, and the art of bringing rhythm to parties.?

We promise to help you put your best foot forward so you can turn your next gig into a beautiful host of dancers. So gear up, and find your next party companion. With our product reviews, you can make the world dance at the whim of your fingertips.?