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auk theater/pod blotz - split (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // auk theater/pod blotz
LABEL // nihilist (us)
CAT // nihil079lp


Auk Theater features IRENE MOON, a professional Entomologist whose work has revolved around the insect world and blending this with her version of performance and electronics. Here, joined by Trevor Tremaine (HAIR POLICE) and others, creating a structured piece utilizing voice, various acoustic instrumentation & synthesizer. Pod Blotz (aka Suzy Poling) a professional photographer (Los Angeles CA) who is recently garnering more recognition with her visual art and experimental video as of late. This, her latest work, investigates electronic vocal processing, Moog organ & modular synthesizers, creating eerie and haunting compositions, with a driving force. Offset printed jackets, Ed 300 black vinyl

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