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bernard parmegiani - l'oeil ecoute/dedans-dehors (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // bernard parmegiani
LABEL // recollection grm (at)
CAT // regrm003lp


Third release on the newly minted eMego offshoot Recollection GRM and it's a doozy. "L'il coute / Dedans-Dehors" are two pieces realized by Bernard Parmegiani in 1970. The former is full of negative space and low, coiling drones. For listeners whose only exposure to GRM came in the form of the first two installments in the Recollection GRM catalog, this material will come across as much less frenetic and more cinematic, particularly the beautiful, cosmic landscapes that make up the middle portion of the A-side. "Dedans-Dehors" opens with beautiful panning oscillations and develops into a startlingly alien edifice of gorgeous complexity. As ever with eMego-related releases, the production spec here is immaculate. This might just be my favorite on this young imprint and has me eagerly awaiting future installments. Superlative. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia
L'Oeil ecoute (1970): "From the very first moment, caught by the musical tone heard from inside a train, the trip offered by this piece, woven with different materials, triggers in us various climates able to give our imagination power over sounds: the power to guide them through our secret mazes rather than to blindly follow them like Panurge. This form of (auditory) contemplation thus attempts to enable us to lose ourselves outside our far too familiar and usual territories. Perhaps, in looking too hard, man eventually stops listening. And, as I said when creating the piece in 1970, the eye, now a 'solitary wanderer' only has ears for what assaults it." Dedans-Dehors (1977): "When listening to the sound material, we metamorphose the inside into an outside. This notion of metamorphosis is one of the principles that leads the course of the musical suite, reflecting changes (fluidsolid passages: water/ice/fire) or movements (ebb/flow/wave, inspiration/expiration) or inside-outside passages (door/individual/crowd). Thus, the perceived object is not entirely what we would have liked it to be. Our music brings us closer to some while it takes us away from others: each with their own inside." --Bernard Parmegiani; Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, June 2012.

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