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nathan fake - providence (2x12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // nathan fake
LABEL // ninja tune (uk)
CAT // zen240lp


*180gram 2LP* Nathan Fake will release his fourth album “Providence” - his most personal and profoundly emotional work to date - via Ninja Tune on 10th March 2017. Crafted in the wake of a crippling two year spell of creative stagnation during which he was unable to compose any music at all, the esteemed British producer describes the record “as a massive step up both in my career and in my life in general… it felt like I’d come alive again”. “Providence” also sees the British producer collaborate with vocalists for the first time, with none other than Prurient (aka Vatican Shadow / founder of Hospital Productions) and Raphaelle from Braids. Both arose from chance meetings in Geneva and Osaka as their tour schedules crossed. Emerging from this extended period of creative stagnation with renewed vigour and lust for life, “Providence” was recorded during the first six months of 2016 in Nathan’s home studio / living room. The meaning behind the title is two-pronged: on the one hand it’s a nod to the aforementioned Korg Prophecy synth that features so heavily on the record. But on a deeper level it means “guidance or divine guidance” - not necessarily in a religious sense but more to be guided by a higher power - or more specifically to Nathan, music as therapy and a path out of a dark period in his life.