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fwy! - ca 80's -90's (cd)


ARTIST // fwy!
LABEL // dub ditch picnic (ca)
CAT // pf-ddp069cd


This CD represents a collection of 'early works' by FWY!, a project I created around 2010 to fill time between making records with vocalist Bunker Wolf in Horrid Red & Teenage Panzerkorps. FWY! was conceived on road trip down famed HWY1, where I was reminded that over the din of the road & conversation, all you can hear from songs on the car stereo is a beat & a vague melody. The driving & noise renders fully-formed pop songs into a minimalist avant garde listening experience. I wanted to make music in this spirit, repetitive pop with the 'meat' of the song removed. The title of this collection refers to a song by The FALL (US 80's-90's) & to my time growing up in Southern California. Freeway driving is a lifestyle down there. The interior of a car in traffic or careening through empty desert is a place for heavy contemplation & existential dread. The freeway structures themselves are mundane & oppressive & also awe-inspiring like ancient ruins. I wanted to convey some of these feelings along with the bliss & thump of radio pop motifs. Edmund Xavier San Francisco 2015 Released January 15, 2016 MUSIC & ART BY EDMUND XAVIER RECORDED CIRCA 2010 AT VIDEO WEST, SAN FRANCISCO