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alvarius b. - sorban palid (7inch vinyl)


ARTIST // alvarius b.
LABEL // poon village (us)
CAT // pv008ep


Unearthed from a very shallow grave: limited edition screenprinted tour-giveaway 7"s from Alvarius B.'s East Coast 2014 tour, featuring artwork by Byron Coley.

by Byron Coley

It's amazing every one pretends
perhaps wishing a billion post-marsupials could
just stand in for most aspects of self motivation
procedures of the masters which bear the mark of
a master's golden inevitable apocalypse.
But let's just be content, we hairy bums
impaling, as though we had tusks
the current whatever some lazy music journalist writes.
Creating, in the process, more differences between
Amuletian Snares than anyone from the future could imagine.
But when they visit our continually pounded planet...
they will realize only 6 visions really happen --
Their replication of a weekend
Your weekend.
Your show business.
Your expense.
Much more feces.
Blogging and spewing by music pipsqueak fanboys who can't know.
And in not knowing, those present
may see the future.
shall we begin again

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