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tasos stamou - marches of the broken hearts (3inch cd)


ARTIST // tasos stamou
LABEL // orl (gr)
CAT // orl026cm


"Marches Of The Broken Hearts" is the epilogue of Tasos Stamou's trilogy on ORL featuring a series of miniature psych compositions recorded with a mini portable 4-tracks recorder. The 1st part "The Return of the long lost one" (ORL14) was released in March 13' while the middle one "A Litany of Aishiteru Wa" (ORL21) was released in May 14'. These 11 pieces combine techniques of free improvisation and traditional melodic forms of expression, using a variety of home-brew electronics and vintage keyboards, domestic objects and traditional instruments (violin, zither, whistles, melodica). Don't look for underlying patterns or influences in "Marches Of The Broken Hearts" -or any of the three adjoining parts- this a self-portrait of Stamou's eastern, urban folk aesthetic.