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the h + madison dinelle - on organization (book + cd)

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ARTIST // the h + madison dinelle
LABEL // los discos enfantasmes (ca)
CAT // lde050bkcd


A photography book with audio accompaniment. 52 pages, black & white, offset, with an embossed cover. A collaboration by The H (musicians Francesco de Gallo and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) and Madison Dinelle. It comes in a special shape and form : prints on pages that you turn with music inscribed on a shiny mirror-like disc to be listened to as you reflect upon the printed images, shapes and forms.

"Working from a series of interconnected photos, diagrams, and chartsOn Organization is an audio-visual piece inspired by Montreal photographer Madison Dinelle and set to music by fellow locals, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier of Femminielli Noir and Francesco De Gallo of Hobo Cubes, recording together as The H. Subtitled a study of form in pictures in music, and the designs and multimedia element are presaged to some extent in Osborne-Lanthier's solo work, though the accompanying material was assembled by Dinelle with the help of designer Xavier Coulombe-Murray. De Gallo may already be top-of-the-mind for some of our readers thanks to his prolific solo output and fascinating collaborations, like his recent Arrows project with Remi Boudrias-Dussault of Velvet Gracier, which has thus far yielded a stellar debut for Digitalis, projects like these emphasize not only the pace of his creation, but the collaborative creative atmosphere that seems so well engendered in Montreal. Between the two experimentalists involved On Organization's audio accompaniment becomes an enigmatic and some times tense meditation on a succession of relationships. Each track is titled to expand on the theme; "Duality," "Plurality," "Balance," "Chaos," and "Unity," with charts and images nearby to extend The H's musical thought into the framework of Dinelle's vision." - Dwight Pavlovic, Decoder Magazine