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thurston moore & loren connors - the only way to go is straight through (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // loren connors
LABEL // northern spy (us)
CAT // ns036lp


Sonic Youth, for the majority of their existence, has always been a balancing act: between dissonance and melody, freewheeling noise and warped rock song structure. Still, it's rare that Thurston Moore has gone as abstract and experimental as "The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through," his collaborative album with blues collagist Loren Connors. The LP harbors two 2012 live improvisations a few months apart and the resulting 44 minutes are full of bent strings, angular feedback, clanging notes, and rumbles from unknown depths. In fact, if Moore and Connors weren't well-known guitarists their instruments could just as easily be manipulated sheet metal and radio static. Both sides of "The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through" have their fair share of rough-hewn majesty, but second is louder, more unrestrained, and features some moments of sheer ferocity from these two experimental stalwarts. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia
Thurston and Loren fearlessly dive into a hot, dark pool and enter a world of surging sound and faint lights. They can't see each other. They can only hear each others' searing notes in the heat. But it is enough to take them through. The material on The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through was compiled from two live recordings. Side A was captured at The Stone in Manhattan, where Moore and Connors performed on July 14, 2012 for the second annual Spy Music Festival (pictured above). The pair met up again on October 17, 2012 to headline Northern Spy's CMJ showcase at Public Assembly in Brooklyn (pictured below), and that mesmerizing set became Side B of this record. While this was not the first time that Thurston Moore and Loren Connors have performed together, a vinyl pressing of their improvised collaborations is unprecedented.

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