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bitches / yuppies - split (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // bitches / yuppies
LABEL // palmist (uk)
CAT // plm1202lp


YUPPIES' mix of fuzzed-out garage rock and late 70's punk, combined with a distinctly lo-fi aesthetic - in fact once described as "Psychedelic Horseshit fucking Thomas Function while Times New Viking plays on the stereo and TV Ghost hide in the closet and watch." But Yuppies are too enthusiastically awkward to be pigeon-holed into any one scene and on their side for our split, they navigate everything from sprawling post-punk to stumbling anti-folk, often within the same song. BITCHES have been known to call their music "thug-pop," while others have chosen "anti-love songs," "chaotic sonic can-vases" with comparisons made to Minor Threat and Black Flag, Huggy Bear, and Lightning Bolt's more riffy material. Never mind the tags and kooky descriptions, the power of Bitches' music lies in Blake Ivinson's screams and ultra-fuzzed bass & in Stacey Owen's chaotic, heart-in-mouth drumming and agit-yelping; all throughout their sardonic and punked-out songs about vampires, R. Kelly, and losing one's wallet.