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lp - meadow rituals (12inch vinyl lp + download)


ARTIST // lp
LABEL // experimedia (us)
CAT // explp015lp



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By purchasing this record direct from Experimedia you also receive 1 extra song* not on the LP edition and a digital bonus album featuring remixes by Aaron Martin, Jasper TX, Field Rotation, Hummingbird, offthesky, Billy Gomberg, and Dictionary of Ghosts. Vinyl edition arrives with a download coupon for the album in choice of 320kb mp3, flac, or studiophile quality 24 bit wav format. CD edition also available.

Foregoing traditional genre boundaries, defying categorization, and embracing the distinct talents of its 19 participants, Luup involves a reexamination of convention by a thorough exploration of the instrument. Led by flautist Stelios Romaliadis, whose direction of the musicians allows for shimmering folk tendencies to mingle with fragile string arrangements and uplifting voice, Luup combines disparate elements of modern musical tendencies to examine mans primitive nature. Meadow Rituals presents 8 paeans to unite mans overwhelming distance from nature and self and a celebration of the reunion. Lilting melodies mix with ambient and new age directions; propulsive swells of strings and effervescent electronics make way for profound vocal harmonies to create a universal and timeless experience.

Lp is: Stelios Romaliadis, Lisa Isaksson (Lisa o Piu), David Svedmyr (Lisa o Piu), Fotini Kallianou, Katerina Papachristou, Fotis Siotas, Lefteris Moumtzis (J.Kriste, Master of Disguise, Snakecharmer), Alex Bolpasis, Pavlos Michaelides, Andria Degens (Pantaleimon/Current 93), Giorgos Varoutas, David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill/Peter Gabriel), Elsa Kundig, Nikos Fokas, Nikos Papanagiotou, Greg Haines (Sonic Pieces), Georgia Smerou, Georgia Konstadopoulou, and Jennie Stbis (Lisa o Piu).

Horse Heart
Cream Sky
Roots Growth
See You In Me
Ritual of Apollo & Dionysus
*Northern Lights