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nan kole - malumz ep (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // nan kole
LABEL // black acre (uk)
CAT // acre067ep


Nan Kolé, head of Gqom Oh!, returns to Black Acre with Malumz EP, following his collaboration with Wallwork on the Facts 12" (ACRE 063EP, 2016). "Bayefal" is a joyous, steadfast drum workout made in the carnival spirit, and serves as an ode to his love for West African rhythms and the gqom sound. "Malumz" is backed by two dark, brooding remixes by Durban's Citizen Boy and Formation Boyz. The original is a stark, pulsing drum-track dotted with playful whistles and bleepy sampling, while first Citizen Boy and then Formation Boyz flip "Malumz" with harsher, grittier tones and crunching, industrial textures.