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arms aloft - what a time to be barely alive (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // arms aloft
LABEL // gilead media (us)
CAT // relic083lp


We here at Gilead Media are proud to announce our continued partnership with my fellow Wisconsinites, and unsung heroes of the American DIY punk community, Arms Aloft, on the U.S. vinyl release of their new full-length, What A Time To Be Barely Alive. Based jointly in Minneapolis, MN and Eau Claire, WI, Arms Aloft was founded in 2007 as an outlet for that which many of us raised in the northern mid-west can only uniquely, truly understand. A small-town life in a working-class community, where your future seems carved out for you from the forests that surround city limits. Where a greater portion of the year is cold than it is warm. Where boredom is the standard and all the optimism in the world cant seem to brighten your view of tomorrow when youre surrounded by a population that spends most nights belly up to the bar. Throughout 4 eps/splits on various labels and a debut full-length on Kiss Of Death Records in 2012, Arms Aloft have carefully honed an inherent songwriting skill into something considerable and exceptional. A skill that has been road-tested throughout numerous US/EU tours and appearances at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. All the experiences of the last nine years come together on What A Time..., their second full-length, where the compositions surge with the feeling of dedicated malcontent and a primal inability to bend or bow. Every track is an ear-worm that boasts of anthemic, meaningful lyrics. But, above all, and what really forces us to continue working with this band, their lyrics and performance are astonishingly impassioned. At the end of the day, there are very few bands that Ive listened to or seen live that can match the pure integrity and honest energy or Arms Aloft. This is the very definition of what mature, thoughtful, and melodic punk was meant to be. What A Time To Be Barely Alive will be presented as a single LP with a download code included. The package will also feature a 12-page booklet with original artwork by Landon Sheely.