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braden schlager - on the moon (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // braden schlager
LABEL // efficient space (au)
CAT // efficient001ep


2017 repress. Noise in My Head christens its retrospective Efficient Space imprint with the only four released works of Braden Schlager, who honed his craft as a resident at Commerce Club in the embryonic '90s Melbourne club scene. The first three tracks come from Schlager's 1990 debut On the Moon EP. The vocal-led "Morning (Du Heaume Mix)" evokes a fantasy of a Nu Groove-commissioned house track by Klaus Schulze, while the darker "Rummage Mix" gives the shufflers a second wind. An early attempt at techno, the panicked "Rummage" interlude precedes the balearic "King of Comedy," Schlager's submission to the 1991 Monash University sci-fi theater work Cyberbia.