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jawbones - high and low and low and high (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // jawbones
LABEL // 8mm musik (de)
CAT // 8mm024lp


LP version. Jawbones present their concept album High And Low And Low And High. "Jawbones was started by Leonard Kaage, in late 2014, as a result of performing with and for many other bands and projects such as: The Blue Angel Lounge, Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe, Tracy Bryant, and many more. Together with four other like-minded musicians, Jawbones have developed a unique personality and sound that hovers somewhere over the psychedelic scene in the late '60s but brought to a modern perspective. Jawbones have so far supported bands like The Underground Youth, The Warlocks, The Shivas, Holy Wave, and more. Their first single 'Rain' was released September 1st, 2016" --Psychedelic Baby Magazine, Sept 2016.