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madegg - new (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // madegg
LABEL // raum (uk)
CAT // fraum04lp


NEW is the third full-length album from the young Kyoto based producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg. Hailing from Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu, Madegg is a rising star in the Japanese electronic music scene. Moving freely between dubstep, chillwave, house and noise, part of the fun of listening to Madegg is not knowing what he'll come up with next. He supported the show of Ryoji Ikeda, Arca, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Tim Hecker, The Field, Inga Copeland, Julia Holter, Matthewdavid, Mark Fell (SND) in Japan and played the show SonarSound Tokyo/Osaka 2013 as youngest artist that year. Nathan Fake, James Blake, Four Tet and Fly-Lo here and there - but these aren't direct influences, just signposts to a territory that belongs entirely to Madegg. Exquisite fine detail accumulates around beats which seem to emerge completely naturally from low-down sub-tones. - Mixmag Whilst we're vibin' to lots of this ambient-indebted lush dance-music-you-can't-really-dance-to, here's something that literally just hit my inbox from Japan... - Drowned In Sound Slithering synths twinkle as they travel ear to ear, grounded by the steady pulse of a deep four-on-the-floor kick. Ever-rising, the increasing sensation of elevation brought about by Japanese producer, madegg, is like a rush of blood to the head...madegg's energy is deliberately simple yet emotionally rich. - PORTALS