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koenraad ecker - sleepwalkers in a cold circus (cd)


ARTIST // koenraad ecker
LABEL // line (us)
CAT // line070cd


"They play, answer, echo one another. They reverberate, They reflect one another, they sparkle… And he is caught in the labyrinth of their mirrors, imprisoned in the interlacings of their reflections… He turns, mirrored from one to the other… This is the moment when we must become two persons. One-half of me becomes detached from the other: a witness." - N. Sarraute - Between Life and Death

On Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus Belgian sound artist Koenraad Ecker creates a biotope of musical characters that is sober, delicate, complex and vivid, with a restrained intensity, a "cold fire." The characters discuss, hesitate, fight, pull closer, push back. Through the use of microtonality and recordings of acoustic instruments it is the elusive sound of a somnambulistic travelogue.

"I'm searching for ways to create an intricate narrative, switching perspectives and voices within one form, to use silences and hesitations, cuts and fast-forwards. I've used a lot of extremely close-up recordings of objects and instruments, I like the confusion they create by being intimate and menacing at the same time."

There's a somewhat austere quality to this work; in contrast to the dark drama of his critically acclaimed first LP Ill Fares the Land (Digitalis, 2014), very few tension curves are allowed to follow their logical conclusion-they're left just out of reach, intangible. Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus seems to hang suspended in the air in a grey mist, moving sideways instead of forward, hesitating whether to let the listener through the door or not.

Shadowy electro-acoustic dimensions for those who appreciate the darkness of Mika Vainio, Valerio Tricoli, or Main.

1 A Pillar of Salt
2 Kreupelhout
3 There are no Eyes Here
4 Nazif
5 Addicted to Tin
6 Shadow Puppets
7 Zerkalo
8 Parasites
9 Ivory Rang in the Air

All music by Koenraad Ecker. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk, Berlin.
cover image by Alison Darby.

Thanks to : Alison, Andrea, Frederik, Rashad and Richard. Special thanks to the IPEM institute (Ghent, Belgium) for the opportunity to use and record their EMS Synthi100.

Koenraad Ecker, born in Belgium in 1986 and currently based in Berlin, composes and performs music that find itself on the crossroads of electronic, dub, industrial, electro-acoustic and contemporary classical music.

He is fascinated by the tactile, textural qualities of sound and silence, the narrative possibilities of musical structures and the chaotic interactions between frequencies.

Aside from his work as a solo artist, he is involved in two long-running projects : Lumisokea and Stray Dogs.

As a composer and instrumentalist he works regularly for theatre and contemporary dance, most notably for the renowned Norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannesen at Carte Blanche in Norway and at the Göteborg Opera House. He has worked together with renowned video artist Yannick Jacquet (AntiVJ) on several audiovisual, dance and theatre projects.

As a solo artist or in collaboration (with Lumisokea and Stray Dogs) he has released on the labels LINE, Opal Tapes, Digitalis and Eat Concrete. He has performed at festivals and venues around the world such as : CTM Festival (DE), Göteborgs Operan (SWE), Multiplicidade (BR), Carte Blanche (NO), Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BE), Node Festival (IT) and Rewire Festival (NL).