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broken trap ensemble - upes (cassette)

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ARTIST // broken trap ensemble
LABEL // astral spirits (us)
CAT // as006cs


Astral Spirits is extremely proud to present Upes" the debut release from the Broken Trap Ensemble, a new group built from the extremely fertile Bay Area creative music scene of late. Aram Shelton, Teddy Rankin-Parker, Kristina Dutton & Daniel Pearce are all familiar names to the west coast improv scene (and Chicago as of them spent time there as well) and this release should help make them all more visible on a larger scale.

The music on this tape borrows from a wide array of disciplines, from jazz, modern improv, classical, folk, drone and beyond conjuring an otherworldly atmosphere that can bring to mind disparate artists such as Sun Ra, Terry Riley, Bo-Anders Persson, Don Cherry, Henry Flynt and beyond. The Broken Trap Ensemble explores the group dynamic through the use of strings, reeds, and percussion, employing traditional and experimental techniques. An aural latticework with slyly dissembled origins, each instrument reflecting the timbre and texture of the others as the group burrows into a singular sound.

While the four musicians on this recording may not be household names (even in the relatively small household of free improvisaiton), that should not dissuade -- revelatory string improvisations that nevertheless hew towards classicism, sensitive and telepathic percussive color, and the subdued clarity of Shelton's alto make the Broken Trap Ensemble an engaging and uncommon listen" --Clifford Allen (from the liner notes to Upes")

Upes" is released in an edition of 150 tapes with digital download, December 2014.