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dylan nyoukis / fleshtone aura - split (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // dylan nyoukis / fleshtone
LABEL // beniffer editions (ca)
CAT // bff132lp


While Dylan Nyoukis has become on the great out vocal performers of the past two decades, his backbone of crude fluxus certified tape collage is what got him into the main event scene back in the 90's. Secondary Skin is almost a throwback album for the Nyoukis fan. The spontaneity and natural course of direction of his bellyaches combined with straight no chaser editing complete the experience.

Fleshtone Aura is the current persona of Gastric Female Reflex founder and visual artist Andrew Zukerman. His side steps out of the ironic didactic collage period of his known releases from the 00's and into a culmination of ideas that simply could not be expressed playing in GFR. Andrew tells his traditional tape music techniques, modified electronics, Ciat-Lonbarde interfaces, and editing what to do. Pierre Henry without the inheritance, + a massive set of concrete balls. Full Stereophonic experience has to be heard to believe

One time pressing of 300, marbled clear, white, green and black vinyl housed in a three colour iridescent as fuck screen printed LP Jacket.