Wrnlrd: Oneiromantical War LP

    Wrnlrd: Oneiromantical War LP

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  • Artist: WRNLRD
    Label: Flingco
    Cat No: FSS001LP

It was an honor to inaugurate the FSS label with the sixth album by the supremely cryptic, singular black metal entity Wrnlrd.
Working with a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, fiddle, banjo, synths and samples; Wrnlrd throws metal, industrial,
noise and dark ambient musics into a blackened and bubbling cauldron. The result is a potent stew indeed. Oneiromantical War
is available as a limited edition, 180 gram vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve or as a Digital Album.

Wrnlrd don't so much experiment as unleash.
Mike McGuirk Rhapsody

Schizophrenic and deliriously damaged, some of the most far out black metal we've heard. We can only imagine what records 7,8, and 9 hold in store!
Aquarius Records

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