Tom White: In Poor Visibility CD

    Tom White: In Poor Visibility CD

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  • Artist: Tom White
    Label: Hibernate
    Cat No: HB008CD

Born in 1986, Tom White is a sound and visual artist currently based in London.  So far in 2009 he has released two limited-edition EPs, Sight See on Smallfish and A Well-Known Phrase on Under the Spire. In Poor Visibility, Toms first full-length album, consists of nine pieces recorded over a five-month period. Taking the cover artwork as a visual starting point, Tom began working on improvisations with dictaphone tape collage, mic feedback, fragments of guitar and found sounds. These various layers of sound were later edited into the tracks that make up the record, the improvised and layered approach to the music carefully linking to the found-image collages that provide the albums artwork.

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