Tanner Menard: The Oceans of Your Aura CD

    Tanner Menard: The Oceans of Your Aura CD

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  • Artist: Tanner Menard
    Label: Slow Flow
    Cat No: SFLE01CD

The Oceans of Your Aura was composed in June of 2008 and was the culmination of musical breakthroughs, personal transcendence through dark times and a whole range of esoteric information that had guided me to that point in my life. Each 'song' in the album was created using two instances of pianoteq, a physical modeling software that here replicates two pianos each 10 meters in length, each having a unique tuning system always tuned one hertz from the other with A being 444 and 445 respectively. Both pianos also allow their strings to vibrate freely through the use of a constantly activated damper pedal. Loops of midi data drive these pianos through an improvisation that I carefully crafted into slow motion portraits of quasi-song structures.

Unlike much of my work which I arrive at in a very nonlinear way, The Oceans of Your Aura was through composed. Each track followed the other as a sort of vector towards personal growth. The track titles explore the emotional or psychic states under which each was created. Often, like many of my titles, they refer both to personal anecdotes and esoteric information that is often a source of creativity and inspiration for me. Here, we see an alchemical progression from the circumambulating golden flower in the first movement the final state of meditative contemplation of the final movement.

On another level, The Oceans of Your Aura are a collection of ambient love songs. They take the listener through a progression of emotions that describe the stages of moving away from and letting go of love and replacing it with spiritual love.

[Limited to 100 copies only]

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