Reanimator: Damaged Bads LP

In 2006 Community Library released Special Powers, a full length collection of tracks by a mysterious duo called Reanimator. Cobbled together from reel-to-reel tapes recorded in Portland in 2000 and rescued from New Orleans on the eve before Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, Special Powers made waves internationally for its fusion of bass driven, saturated electronics, uncompromising experimentalism, improvisational curiosity, and raw power.

Reanimator was highly prescient of the ‘noise techno’ idea, which has since become an international phenomenon. Damaged Bads sees Reanimator re-joining a wave they quietly helped to start, with another set of archive recordings providing a window into their world. The polyrhythmic, alien, and bass-centric sound of Damaged Bads retains the pummeling drum interplay that won fans to Special Powers. But while their earlier work relies heavily on blown-out distortion, Reanimator introduce gestures that are cleaner, edgier, and more ornate - though still high-impact. Beneath the music’s technological expression, less obvious influences sneak in: the polyrhythmic time signatures of Balkan folk music, the skittering curiosity of free improv, and the irreverence of punk. The results are joyous, confrontational, physical, and cerebral.

Damaged Bads was recorded around the world during the band members’ rootless period between 2007 and 2010, with recordings developed in a Victorian attic in Kansas City; a barn in Belfast, Maine (while doing seasonal harvest work); a bedroom in Bushwick; Asheville, North Carolina; and an apartment in Dusseldorf. The astounding vinyl master was cut at Berlin’s famous Dubplates & Mastering. Damaged Bads is a radical document that continues this band’s humble, but pioneering journey into the unknown worlds between noise and techno. We hope you find it as striking, immersive, and mischievous as we do.