Nev.Era: Acuario EP 12\"

    Nev.Era: Acuario EP 12"

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  • Artist: Nev.Era
    Label: Lovethechaos
    Cat No: LTC012LP

New release on the Love the Chaos imprint, this EP documents the highly detailed, adeptly arranged electronica of Sergio Mesa's Nev.Era project. Any way you slice it, this is very skillfully put together beat-oriented music, making use of glitch and IDM techniques while possessing a uniqueness and personality of its own. This music in no way feels dated, which is always the risk of incorporating such long-used electronica tropes. These tracks radiate energy, and are infectious and transportive. Moreover, this is a coherent and succinct record, precisely the way this type of music is meant to be presented. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia
The producer Sergio Mesa brings to us a five-tracks EP of charming electronica wrapped in an excellent record production. This time, Nev.era likes to give his best at studio; the fragility and accuracy of his structures reverb a particular style pretty close to the most emotional IDM music. Epics are always present in all his songs, together with a wide range of changing harmonies and cut melodies that seem to evoke some kind of magic all along the tracks of this vinyl; a soft and de- licate way to compose music only allowed to the most skilful sound poets. The nerve of the electronica that Sergio creates and the throbbing beauty of his tracks appear to us alive within the electronic framework that surrounds him. In this brand new first solo release is quite evident the extreme capacity that Nev.Era has to touch and suggest, at the same time, to the listener.

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