Morningdeer: Concert On A Twig CD

    Morningdeer: Concert On A Twig CD

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  • Artist: Morningdeer
    Label: Whereabouts
    Cat No: WHACD014CD

The Hungarian prodigy, Morningdeer's magical and wonderful AvanPop! Morningdeer brings in anything that makes sounds, designs a layered "voice" just like magic, and also plays any instruments. It is really a vast treasure trove of idea. I never imagined music like this! Morningdeer places sounds that's familiar to everyone as important parts of music; such sounds as water dripping, shutting a drawer, and rolling something. Playing drum, bass, guitar, piano, and violin, she creates indescribably wonderful and enjoyable sounds. Not only that is her attractiveness. The most selling point of her is her voice, probably. The idea of unbelievably delicate arrangement creating layers of her languorous, husky voices, is enormously impressive. "concert on a twig" is full of novel idea that can't be seen in existing music. Can not miss it.

Krisztina Danyi, known by her stage name Morningdeer is a Hungarian singer - songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She is classically trained and is best known for her experimental music associated with the Hungarian lo-fi/bedroom scene centered in Budapest. Danyi made her debut with her well-received LP 'Days' in 2011 and started performing as a lo-fi act around Budapest, appearing on several experimental jazz improvising sessions recently with Veronika Harcsa and Erno" Rubik's experimental jazz group trio:beeper. In 2012 she disbanded her quartet and started working on a new sound resulting her sophomore album concert On A Twig (that will be released 2013 July 10 by Whereabout Records). Her sound has been categorized as art-rock, experimental noise and playful lo-fi indietronica with hints of jazz profoundness. Joined by two experienced musicians Andra's Halmos and Ba'lint Bolcso', her new live band's sound is elegantly minimalist, evoking Arto Lindsay, the early Cocorosie and St. Vincent.