Millions: Self Titled CD

    Millions: Self Titled CD

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  • Artist: Millions
    Label: Install
    Cat No: INST017CD

Prolific New York experimentalist David Suss has now joined the ranks at Install with an album bearing the name Millions. Simple, almost calculated, drone swells creep in with stealthy efficiency, and the stereo field is considerably widened due to Mr. Suss not being shy with utilizing his full range of frequencies (read: very high and very low). Bringing to mind the sounds of those electronic synthesis pioneers from the 1960's and 70's, Millions uses somewhat familiar audio design to bring us into completely alien landscapes. Both clean and minimal while simultaneously being pastoral and quite colorful, this is an album meant for the dimmer hours, the lower levels of consciousness, a liberation from time moving at an expected rate. Electronic sound used as a vehicle for rearranging your subconscious at the molecular level.

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