Maya: Y 10\"

    Maya: Y 10"

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  • Artist: Maya
    Label: Discalcula
    Cat No: PEA.Y-TN

MAYa is a solo artist from England who currently lives in NY. MAYa's songs have an aura of otherness about them, a quality that makes her voice and these compositions not of this age. Implementing droning strings, vintage synths and eerily disconnected multi-tracked vocals, MAYa's music has a mystical complexity about it, one that isn't of this world and is hardly plausibly borne of it.

Without being whimsical the songs glide along notes insistently, with an intensity that never lets up irrespective of volume or tone. More sensual than severe; more pastoral and contemplative than it is punishing. Most importantly, sadness and desolation are the prevailing moods here. It's the rather subtle instrumentation and Maya's sorrowful voice that make these EP's as enchanting as they are. Produced by Joseph Budenholzer and mastered at Dub Plates and mastering in Berlin, with full colour inner and outer sleeves. Her 3rd E.P "M", was released in video format.

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