Map 71: Gloriosa CD

Brighton's Map 71 are a duo comprised of Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) and Lisa Jayne (words, voice). Together they have been working away at an approach that draws from post-punk, improvisation, electronics, and other such realms of music to create a refreshing environment where reflection, wry observations, the abstract, and immersion can develop. They have existed for a few years now and had several releases out both on their own Foolproof Projects imprint and via a couple of other labels. Gloriosa itself is a reissue of a very limited cassette album released by Fourth Dimension Records in 2017 but included here are six bonus tracks previously issued on a CDr and cassette album. Map 71's songs aren't really songs. They dispense with melody and the verse/chorus structure for an intentional disconnect between Lisa Jayne's delivery and Andy Pyne's beats. Lisa Jayne doesn't have to shout or accentuate her proclamations, observations and confessions; it's the rhythms that provide movement here. It's not always poetry either. And while the electronics revel in comparisons with the proto-electronic sound of Suicide and the rhythms of Z'ev, they're just as likely to co-opt the electro beats of techno.