Machinefabriek: Slovensko 7\"

Release date: January 25 2010

*Limited at only 350 copies worldwide*

Machinefabriek is Dutchman Rutger Zuydervelt who spends his time creating music that's epic and unwavering, restless and intense.

The source material for 'Slovensko' was recorded during Rutger's trip to Slovakia in September 2010.

It was not his original intention to go away and make a record, but just as he's used to taking his camera with him when visiting a foreign country, he has also gotten used to taking a small digital recorder.

Throughout the period of his stay Rutger captured a variety of indigenous sounds, unusual samples and field recordings using them as the primary framework for the pieces included on this release.

He then returned home and began the process of cutting, mixing, editing and remixing the field recordings to more abstracted pieces. The focus was firmly set on highlighting the most interesting elements and merging them together, using only the source material and his laptop to work with.

The pieces included on 'Slovensko' lumber along slowly evolving into an intricately enthralling climax of sound that'll leave you feeling drained and in a trance like state of mind.

The results are minimal yet riveting, fragile yet gloriously brutal.

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Slovensko Part 2 
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