Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish CD

    Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish CD

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  • Artist: Lento
    Label: Denovali
    Cat No: DEN151CD

After the well-acclaimed studio albums "Earthen" (2007) and "Icon" (2011), and their latest live album "Live Recording 8.10.11" (2012) LENTO are now presenting their brand new third full length called "Anxiety Despair Languish".

The greatest ambition of this album is to keep alive the immediacy of "Earthen" with the violence and aggressiveness of "Icon". However, Anxiety Despair Languish is something more respect Lento's past albums: it tries to make a summary of the whole heavy music panorama of our time. The result is the most ambitious work that they could make: an album for people who are not used to that kind of music, and for people who solely like that kind of music.

The highly renowned loudness of their live performance has been reproduced in studio through the work of Lorenzo Stecconi and Matteo Spinazzè. Thirteen instrumental songs which does not sigh for the voice lack for a total running of 40 minutes and 50 seconds. After several intense years touring the whole europe between the 2007 and the 2012, this album represent a key moment in the band history.

"...The band swims against stream smartly balancing the organic humanity of the guitars with the escaping life sounds of all their technological artifices..." (Deaf Sparrow on Earthen)

"...Lento with the help of down tuned guitars, versatile riffing, intricate rhythms and exhausting slowness, builds a massive wall of sound..." (Cult Nation on Icon)

"...It's the sort of riff that will pummel you with a baseball bat and not even take your wallet afterwards - just violence for sport..." (Rock-a-Rolla on Icon)


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